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Covington leaders launch two-question ‘quality of life’ survey
Seeking input on future of Baker Field, Conyers Street Gym
City leaders want residents’ input on how to improve the community’s quality of life and what to do with the Conyers Street Gym and Baker Field.

COVINGTON, Ga. — City leaders want residents’ input on how to improve the community’s quality of life and what to do with the Conyers Street Gym and Baker Field.

The city of Covington recently launched a two question survey to garner a response from residents on the two issues at 

Community Development Director Trey Sanders said more than 700 people had already taken the survey, as of Thursday afternoon, but that’s only about 4.8% of the city’s population (14,598).

“As we look for ways to improve our community, it is imperative we get input from the people who might take advantage of those improvements or additions — our citizens. There are some exciting,  costly items on that list and if city funds are going to be earmarked for the projects, we have to make sure the citizens support them and are they well received. I would hate to think anyone in this community feels like they don’t have a voice, but here is an easy opportunity for everyone to  share their opinion and help shape our future.”

Sanders said a paper copy of the survey would be available at city hall, and people could fill it out there if they didn’t have internet access or preferred that format over the online version.  

Specifically, the first question asks survey participants to rank 14 different amenities from most important to least important. Those amenities include bike share program, skate park, splash park, aquatics center, brewery, public transportation, permanent lighting along Cricket Frog Trail, free putt-putt course, enhanced amphitheater and Legion Field to handle larger acts, golf cart charging stations, increased public art initiatives, local farmers market, open green space, and invest in infrastructure to attract restaurants.

The second question pertains to Baker Field and Conyers Street Gym, asking survey participants to rank the following presences for the site from most desirable to least desirable:

• “Restore/improve the field for use as a baseball field and restore the gym for use as a gymnasium.”

• “Restore the field for use as a baseball field and rehab the gym for office/co-working space.”

• “Create a mixed use development that encompasses retail and housing on the field and gym.”

• “Restore the field and invest in infrastructure in the gym to attract various eateries (food hall).”

• “Restore Conyers St. Gym by converting it into a Community Center and City Admin. Offices.”

The redevelopment and renovation of Conyers Street Gym and Baker Field has been at the center of controversy recently after an Alpharetta-based developer, on behalf of Covington Historic Places LLC, proposed a $14 million plan to transform the site by constructing 40 apartments and retail space while preserving the history and integrity of the beloved facility.

After holding a town hall event in October where residents offered mixed reviews, the city council discovered the Covington Housing Authority was involved in the project — Covington Historic Places LLC was created the housing authority. Various council members suspected an ulterior motive by the housing authority. Following the council’s findings, Covington City Manager Scott Andrews said in a statement that the city had chosen to decline the proposal.

However, an internal investigation conducted by the city attorney proved there was no scheme taking place, and the housing authority’s involvement was in good faith.

The Conyers Street Gym has been vacant for several years and is in poor condition. The survey closes Dec. 31. Anyone with questions about the survey may contact city hall at 770-385-2000.