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The Groves Wine & Spirits is in the Supporter Spotlight
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The opening of The Grove’s Wine & Spirits in Walnut Grove has allowed owners Tim Warren and Vic Mixon to be part of a community they can appreciate and support.

The package store offers 350 brands of craft beers, about 1,000 brands of wine and 896 brands of liqueurs and liquors. Craft beers, which are small, independent and traditional small-batch breweries, account for 25 percent of the store’s business.

"We’re selling a phenomenal amount of these beers," said Warren. "It’s the kind of beer you pour in a glass and savor the flavor (like wine), versus being at a tailgate party where you drink one after another."

The store opened in October and has since been well-received by the community and the surrounding businesses. Customers, coming from Loganville, Monroe, Covington and Conyers, browse through the diverse selection of high–quality wine brands that include Cakebread and Frog’s Leap. They also offer popular selections like Grey Goose vodka and Captain Morgan rum.

Warren and Mixon also offer members-only clubs for beer and wine (referred to as Hop Heads for the beer club; Grape Heads for the wine club). Members receive monthly discounts and specials.

The start of the New Year will see the owners hosting wine tastings that will provide some education for those new to tastings.

"It’s interesting to learn how wines that are grown in different countries produce different tastes," said Warren.

Friends since high school, Warren and Mixon opened their first package store in DeKalb County in 1990. They sold the business in 2007 after deciding to find a different niche. They settled on Walnut Grove and spent three years setting up for their grand opening.

"Mayor (Dan) Cannon has been instrumental in bringing us to the city and making us feel welcome," Warren said. "The city is in the center of everything; Walnut Grove is about eight miles from Covington, Monroe, Loganville and Conyers."

The most prominent aspect of Walnut Grove, said Warren, was the city’s sense of community. With the recent opening of Walnut Grove High School, Warren and Mixon threw their support to the new school’s football and baseball teams. They are also supporters of the schools dugout club and other events, like the city’s upcoming Christmas celebration.

"This is something Vic and I did in DeKalb with the high schools," said Warren. "We like to support people we know. We need to have that sense of community again in America. I think that by doing business locally … we can be a part of a support system to meet the community’s needs."