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Supporter Spotlight: Alcovy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
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A new GALILEOS 3-D X-ray imaging system has been acquired by Alcovy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Covington that will allow the dental office to perform more accurate dental implants and procedures.

The system, built by Sirona, was approved by the FDA in 2006, according to the maker’s website. It was one of the first manufacturers to offer a 3D imaging system featuring complete interaction between hardware and software, providing doctors’ the ability to plan, coordinate and educate their patients.

Dr. Travis Hampton, D.M.D., said this will allow him to be able to take a snapshot of his patients’ teeth and jaws in 3-D and do the planning in the office with the patient on how they would place the implant. Hampton will send the plans to Germany, and will receive a guide back in a couple weeks that will help him place the implant with maximum accuracy and safety.

"The technology is fascinating," said Hampton. "This machine makes dental procedures quicker, safer and more affordable."

The system acts as a CAT scan, taking the image in 14 seconds. Emitting less radiation than traditional X-rays, the 3-D image set is processed and presented in software specifically designed for GALILEOS.

Before the purchase of GALILEOS, Hampton had to send his patients to Atlanta for the X-rays. Now, he is the only one in Covington with the technology, giving him the opportunity to offer implant procedures to patients.

"In one visit, I am now able to do all the preoperative planning," Hampton said. "Then when the patient returns, I can have the implants in place within an hour."

The imaging system will also help Hampton predesign crowns and other dental procedures the same day.

Alcovy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has been at its Covington location for 20 years, providing all categories of dental procedures for patients.

Looking for a place to settle and raise his children Rebecca and Michael, Hampton felt Covington was the ideal place for him and his family.

"We have a great staff and our number one goal is to treat patients like family," Hampton said. "I learned that I can never learn everything. So with this new technology and our possibilities, the future’s wide open for us."