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The Georgia Trust brings its 2018 Fall Ramble to Newton County
Georgia Trust

COVINGTON, Ga. - Newton County has been selected as the location for the 2018 Fall Ramble, presented by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is an organization that celebrates historic architecture throughout the state of Georgia. It also aims to educate the general public on the exceptional value of historic buildings and places and how they fit into everyday life. Each year, The Georgia Trust selects two communities to host the Ramble.

Rambles, which take place during a weekend in the Spring and in the Fall, attract hundreds of participants to a community. According to The Georgia Trust’s website, “Rambles feature exclusive tours and social events in historic properties not usually open to the public.” 

Recent Rambles have included Savannah, Columbus, Athens and Americus. Rambles are open to members of The Georgia Trust and general members of the public.

The Georgia Trust has chosen Newton County for its 2018 Fall Ramble, which will take place Oct. 12-14. The Ramble will include Covington, Porterdale, Oxford, Mansfield and Newborn.

“The Georgia Trust is so grateful to the property owners of Covington and Newton County for helping make possible this visit to one of Georgia’s best-preserved cities,”  Mark McDonald, President and CEO of the Georgia Trust, said.

The Georgia Trust along with the Covington/Newton County Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Covington will host an informational meeting on Tuesday, June 12,  at 6 p.m. for property owners who are interested in including their homes in the Ramble. Representatives from The Georgia Trust will be present to give a short presentation and to answer questions. All property owners that own a house built prior to 1968 are welcome to attend this informational meeting. There is no registration fee for your property to be part of the Ramble.

To include your property in the Ramble or for more information on the meeting on June 12th, please call 770-786-7510 or email For more information regarding The Georgia Trust’s special events, please call 404-885-7812 or email