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Click and give to conserve Georgia wildlife
Keep Georgia Wild
Wildlife demonstration with Pete Griffin of Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, during a Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program at the center. - photo by Staff Report

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. – Helping keep Georgia wild just got easier.

Wildlife lovers can now donate online to the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund, dedicated by state law to conserving and protecting Georgia wildlife.

The recent addition to allows users to donate a set amount or round up license purchases and renewals, with the extra going to conservation.

There’s even a $15 Keep Georgia Wild package. It bundles a $10 donation with a one-day hunting/fishing license. (Licenses not only provide sporting privileges and access to state wildlife management and public fishing areas, they return for Georgia wildlife work a greater share of federal excise taxes paid by hunters and anglers. A $5 one-day license is worth the $5 fee plus an estimated $45 in excise taxes.)

Contributions are critical to restoring and protecting rare and other wildlife, from loggerhead sea turtles to southeastern American kestrels. This work led by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Nongame Conservation Section depends mainly on grants, fundraisers and direct donations.

Nongame refers to the 95 percent of native Georgia species not fished for or hunted. Rare native plants and natural habitats are also a focus of the fund.

Nongame Conservation Section Chief Jon Ambrose said these animals, plants and places are part of the state’s heritage and key to Georgians’ quality of life. “These are precious, finite natural resources that Georgia citizens want to conserve and pass on to succeeding generations.”

To donate, visit, DNR’s license and permit website. Click “Licenses and Permits.” (New customers will be prompted to create an account.) Then choose your donation option.

It takes only a few clicks to turn a fascination with species such as gopher tortoises, golden-winged warblers and Georgia aster wildflowers into support that helps them survive and even thrive.

This work is guided by Georgia’s State Wildlife Action Plan. Created by more than 100 partners and stakeholders, the Wildlife Action Plan is a statewide strategy to conserve populations of native species and natural habitats before they become more rare and costly to conserve or restore.

Learn more about the plan at Explore the Nongame Conservation Section’s work at

Georgians also can support this effort by:

Eagle License Plate

Want to donate, buy a license or find the nearest WMA, all on the go? DNR’s free Outdoors GA app offers these and other features. To download, search “Outdoors GA” at the Apple or Google Play Store.