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A mothers love is unconditional
Our readers share their favorite memories of their mothers
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Artie Brunson
My mother is Bonnie Brunson. She would sit with me at our kitchen table every night after dinner to review my homework. Spelling was difficult for me, so she gave me hints to help me remember the correct spelling, and I still can hear her saying, "Vacuum has two U's in it...remember YOU-YOU-vacUUm!" I guess her tips worked, because now I am an assistant principal! Thank you, Momma, for EVERYTHING you have done to bring me to this place in my life where I am so very happy. I love you and I CHERISH YOU!

Charles Woods
Charles Woods' mother never graduated from the eighth grade because she did not [wear] glasses to correct her vision. She was diagnosed as a slow learner and assigned to a special reading teacher. She taught my brother, sister and me to read constantly, a skill that has comforted me since my mother's death in 2002. Thank you for passing on your love for literature.

Patty Clark McWaters
My mom Nancy Clark is not only a great mom but a very special Nana. She is a very caring person and raised me and my two sisters to be the same way. One of my memories is at Christmas one year. She and my sisters came to my house while I was gone and decorated my table for Christmas complete with dishes and everything. I will never forget that. I was truly surprised! Other times were my 30th birthday and my 25th anniversary. She makes every holiday special. I know I can count on her always for whatever I might need. I am truly blessed to have both of my parents in my life. I know there will be a day when things will be different. Thanks Mom for everything!

Bonnie Johnson Brunson
My mother Ann Johnson passed away in 1981, but her legacy lives on. If one word could describe her it would be "love." She was so loved and she loved so much! I learned everything I know from her and my favorite times were when we laughed together. Though her life was filled with sickness, she could still find humor and the best of things in any situation! I gained my spirit of laughter from her. Thank you, Mama!

Amanda Potts
My Mom is the BEST! My favorite memory would have to be her letting me help her cook dinner when I was a little girl! My mom really enjoys spending time with her family, baking and crocheting. My mom is my absolute best friend and she is always there for me! My mom is the BEST MOM EVER!

Cindy Chalmers
Though my mother died when I was 15 and my memories of her were cut short because of that, I remember that she took the time to teach me to read, finding books and sitting with me patiently and laughing with me. I also remember her teaching me to write as a left-handed person, so that I didn't have to curl my hand around to get the "right" slant. I know this could not have been easy for her to teach as she was right handed, but she was strong in the belief that I should be able to write comfortably and not be singled out for being left-handed.

Carolyn Keller
On Saturday mornings my mother (Theresa Daniel) used to make popovers for breakfast. My brothers and I would so enjoy them while watching cartoons. She would sometimes make tea cakes also and tell us stories about her grandmother. It was something that we looked forward to each Saturday.

Jo Ellen Anderson
When I was born, my mother, Mrs. Jane Greer Anderson, had me christened in Starrsville United Methodist Church. Growing up, she had me in Sunday school every Sunday - no matter what. As a child, I attended Bible School every summer-no matter what. As a teenager, she took me to youth group every Sunday - no matter what. Now, I worship in the same church as an adult with my own family. I truly believe that the example my mother set helped mold me into the Christian that I am today - one who loves her God, loves being a Christian and loves her church. No matter what.

Amanda McGiboney Kindsfather
My mother was a very special woman. Her love was unconditional and she was always proud of her children. Even though my mother is now in heaven, a mothers' love continues to live forever in your heart. She taught me many things in life and I will always cherish that. Happy Mothers' Day Mama (Myra Dobbs). I love you.

Ariann Sara Costley Stone
I remember my mother's hands. They were beautiful. Strong but graceful. She could make the best homemade meals with those hands. I remember looking at her hands as a little girl and hoping mine would one day mirror hers. Those hands picked me up when I fell and wiped tears when I cried. Her loving hands were there when I needed a hug and they were there when I needed my behind spanked! Her hand was the last thing I touched as she drew her final breath. But I smile as I look down at my own hands when they hold one of my beautiful daughters and I thank God he gave me my mother's hands. Miss you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow, Mama. In memory of Janice Faye Johnson Costley.

Shawn Harcrow Hay
My mother was only 17 when I was born. I love her so much because instead of her life revolving around herself - like so many teenagers' lives do - it revolved around me. My favorite memory of my teenage mom was anytime we were going anywhere; our hair and clothes were always perfect and in style. I had the coolest mom on the planet - no doubt.