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A before-New-Years Netflix resolution

2015 is coming. With that will come a bunch of New Years resolutions – from people that will never fulfill them – like, “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m gonna start going to church” and of course “I’m going to stay single” as if it takes a new year to start the process, but I digress. What you should really focus on is all of the really good movies that are leaving Netflix after December.

12 Angry Men
A classic for the ages. Set almost entirely in one room on hot day, this powerful character study dives deep into the hearts of men as the jurors decide the fate of the accussed. This film proves that Hollywood doesn’t make’em like this anymore.

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe come together for this epic tale loosely based on historical events of a left for dead Roman General turned slave that rises to conquer the Colosseum as a gladiator.

This horror classic is so much more than the infamously blood-soaked climax and Piper laurie’s insane performance. It’s at once a coming-of-age story, a feminist roar and a cautionary tale for bullies and child abuse. You just can’t beat the original

Beverly Hills Cop
If Eddie Murphy’s laugh isn’t funny enough, him playing a Detroit cop who travels to Beverly Hills while investigating a murder will surely bring tears of hilariousness down your face. “Beverly Hills Cop” is one of Murphy’s best movies.

Rocky IV
All four of the first “Rocky” movies are leaving Netflix, but the fourth is easily the most entertaining. The scene with Rocky driving through a tunnel with “No Easy Way Out” playing is easily my favorite.

The Breakfast Club
Don’t you forget about me. The spectacular ending of “The Breakfast Club” makes this one movie you’ve got to see or re-watch before Netflix axes it.

Boyz N The Hood
Directed by John Singleton and starring the always-crying Cuba Gooding Jr. and former NWA member Ice Cube, “Boyz N The Hood” chronicles the lives of a group of kids growing up in the hood in L.A.

Girl goes to Christian High School. Girl gets pregnant. People demonize girl. It’s like “Teen Mom” before there was a teen mom, except this is fictional yet somewhat realistic.

12 Angry Men
Pumped for the new Star Wars movie? Well, you can have the second-best thing for now (behind the original trilogy; we don’t talk about the prequels). Mel Brooks is at the top of his ludicrous game here. May the Schwartz be with you.