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Not MY mothers cooking!
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My mother used to make biscuits so hard they would dent walls, and once tried to make a meatloaf in the crockpot. Three guesses how that turned out. So if you mom is like mine – of if she just likes to cook – then get her cooking classes for Mother’s Day! The Viking Store has cooking classes all the time. From Italian to pies – they’ll teach you right. If you wanted to take mom for a one-day class, they have spaces open this weekend to create the fare for a mother and daughter tea party, give her a gift certificate and she can take her man on a date night cooking class, or sign her up to learn how to make macaroons and whoopee pies later this month. It’s fun, casual and useful. Just make sure you word the card right – it might be dangerous to bring up less-than-stellar cooking skills – especially if your mom makes biscuits like mine.

Price: It varies by class

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