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Live music, a classic story come to life and puppets? I can’t think of a better way to spend some time during my weekend. In fact, I’ll be there this weekend, so you guys should copy me and head out the Center for Puppetry Arts to see Brer Rabbit and Friends this weekend.

The show is for ages 4 and up, and your children will be mesmerized the entire time. I promise. If they aren’t they can come sit by me and I’ll give them Red Bulls for the ride home.

And while a lot of people might think that puppets are creepy, somehow they manage to not make you want to hide under your bed. Plus there’s singing – kids love singing! A bonus? You can use your program for a free admission for four to the educationally-enlightening and visually stimulating Wren’s Nest – the home of Brer Rabbit author Joey Chandler Harris. Can’t beat that – artsy and frugal!