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PromPosals are always necessary
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Prom is a sort of occasion that can stick in a girl’s memory for many years.

The dress, getting ready with friends, the perfect date, and most importantly, the way she is asked to prom.

Make no mistake, girls do not expect you to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on flowers and candles and miscellaneous objects to materialize your affection. They just want to be swept off their feet.

Now some people choose to argue that if a couple has been dating for a while before prom season, it is understood that they will be attending prom together.

However, guys, do not jump to conclusions.

It does not matter how long you have been together or if you have already made plans to match dresses with ties, you still have to make it memorable.

What girl wants to look back at prom and remember being asked by her boyfriend on the way to fifth period? Or the text she got while doing homework stating, “Prom or nah?”

Ladies, if that is all the effort he puts in, start looking for a new prom date. Maybe he will make more of an effort if he has a little competition.

Prom is all about being a night to remember, but who wants to remember a night that was set up by a guy that put in as much effort in asking as he did tying his left shoe.

Guys are not expected to go out and buy their girlfriend a Tiffany bracelet or necklace covered in diamonds. Girls are just looking for a little creativity.

This is a perfect time for guys to show off how well they know their girl by incorporating her favorite food or candy or color or anything that she loves.

It shows that even though you have been dating for a while, you still want to make her feel like a princess.

There should be no excuse as to why a girl must be asked to prom in a boring way.

Ideas are all over the internet on how to make it exciting. You can write a ‘cheesy’ note on a pizza box with her favorite pizza inside or ask her with a pair of shoes with a corny little saying. The possibilities are endless.

It has been done in movies and there are pictures all over social media, so what could be the dilemma?

Prom is not an event that guys can just assume they are going to with their girlfriend.

It is a time to get their creativity going and make it a memorable experience that she will never forget.

So guys you have some work to do. #AlcovyPriom2015