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June 18 BOC meeting: Public talks taxes; board talks firearm ordinance, grants, employee vehicles
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June 18, 2013

My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth. Abraham Lincoln
1. Call to Order: Chairman Keith Ellis
2. Invocation: Pastor Ronny Brannen, Prospect United Methodist Church
3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Chairman’s Report

5. County Manager’s Report
a. Presentation/SWANA Road-E-O (Richard Bradshaw & Gabriel Mathis)

6. Citizen Comments

7. County Attorney: Review of language in Section 31-102 Discharging Firearms,
II (A) regarding law enforcement.
Page #’s
1 8. Finance Department: Approval of BOC Budget Work Session Minutes dated
June 3, 2013

9. Finance Department: Approval of financial report

2-8 10. County Clerk: Approval of BOC Minutes dated June 4, 2013

11. County Clerk: Approval of BOC Executive Session Minutes dated June 4, 2013

9-10 12. Superior Court: Approval of Independent Contractor Agreement/Newton County
Adult Felony Drug Court Coordinator

13. District One: Appointment to Library Board

14. District One: Appointment to DFACS Board

15. District Two: Appointment to Library Board

16. District Three: Appointment to Library Board
11 17. Sheriff’s Office: Approval to apply for the FY13 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice
Assistance Grant (JAG) Program – Grant amount: $27,929

12-16 18. Administrative Services: Declaration of surplus property for the District
Attorney’s Office

17-18 19. Juvenile Services: Acceptance of Alcovy Circuit Drug Court Program
Grant Amount: $84,610.00

19 20. R061813 - Adoption of CIE Plan Update

20 21. Friends of the Park/Re: Utility Easement

22. Superior Court: Acceptance of Mental Health Grant from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council - $93,127

23. Alcohol License/First Reading
Dixie Food Mart
1032 Hwy. 142
Covington, GA 30014
Owner: SMS Dixie Road, LLC (100%)
District One
7:30 PM
21-27 24. REZ13-000044
Location: I20 & Iris Drive
Map & Parcel #: 11-1
Acreage: 56.33 acres
Current Zoning: R2 (Almon Tier)
Request: Seeking approval to be removed from Tier 2 of the Almon Overlay
District 3

28-48 25. APP13-000052
Appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals decision (denied) on April 25, 2013
Location: 566 Oak Hill Road
Map & Parcel #: 15-353
Request: (1) to allow an accessory structure that exceeds 1,000 square feet and a total floor area that exceeds 50% of the principle dwelling on the lot; and (2) to allow a metal accessory structure that does not maintain the residential appearance standards of the R2 zoning district.
Current Zoning: R2
District 2

F. Commissioner’s Comments
G. Executive Session
H. Adjourn