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Will Atlas Shrug?
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In Ayn Rands classic novel, "Atlas Shrugged", government regulation has run unfettered. The story tells us of a day when, due to this incessant interference in the lives of free men, the Achievers, the people who produce, who work to make profit by offering materials or services to consumers, disappear. One by one, major corporations and smaller businesses shut down without any notice, their owners vanishing from site and knowledge.

The resulting anarchy, as the government creates more and more legislation and regulation to attempt to bring the country back into a stable state, is all to much of what we are witnessing today.

Time and time again, it has been proven that a free market economy will grow at an explosive rate if allowed to regulate itself. The market will always adjust its prices to what it will bear, in simpler terms; the market will always charge what the consumer is WILLING to pay.

As I hear certain Presidential candidates promise to take those oil company profits and use them, and here the crowds cheer them on, I remain amazed at how uniformed most of the voters are concerning the oil companys profits. Few realize that the Federal government makes almost eight to nine times as much per gallon as the company that PRODUCES the product.

We are rapidly approaching the point where Atlas WILL shrug. Government regulations and the Nanny State mentality that has swept over this great nation have convinced people that they are no longer responsible for their own decisions. They want the government to tell them what to eat, what to drink, where to live, how much they can earn, what they can and cannot smoke. They want the government to protect them when someone says something that OFFENDS them.

We all need to grow up, and accept the results of our own decisions. If we bring children into this world, we need to dedicate our lives to them, to PARENT them.

Quit expecting the government to do YOUR job!

I leave you,

Simply American