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Wal-Mart employee arrested for stealing
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A Wal-Mart worker was caught on camera slipping nearly $800 from the register to a man posing as a customer who gave her only $1 bills as payment, according to a Covington Police Department report.

Asset Protection Coordinator Jerry Pygeol reported to police that he noticed a register worked by Raven Marsell Nichols, 31, of Oxford, aka Raven Smith, was short and reviewed security videos.

The footage reportedly showed Nichols at the register on Aug. 9 when a black male came up to pay for bottle of bleach.

In the video, he gives her a $1 bill, for which she reportedly gives him a large amount of bills back, although receipts showed no cash back was given. He gives her another $1 bill, and she again hands back a number of bills.

A little bit later that day, the same male comes back wearing a different shirt with some hand soap. Again, he gives her a $1 bill and she gives him change by handing him larger bills.

A week later, on Aug. 16, the man comes back with a baby in the cart and does the same thing with a bag of diapers and again with baby wipes.  The total amount missing was reported at $780.25.

Nichols was arrested and charged Aug. 20 with theft by taking and booked into the Newton County Detention Center. She was released a day later on $4,000 bond.