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Trucker shot at in I-20 road rage incident
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In an apparent random act of violence, a trucker was shot at by another driver after their vehicles nearly collided on Interstate 20.

"In reviewing the report, this seems like a case of road rage," said Newton County Sheriff Office Lt. Bill Watterson.

Deputy Larry Wigington made contact with the victim on I-20 near mile marker 78 in Rockdale County. The victim said while on I-20, he almost struck a brown GMC Yukon towing a trailer with a car on it with his Freightline tractor-trailer. The incident was totally accidental, the victim said, but the driver of the Yukon reportedly became very angry.

 The victim said the other driver, described as a large black man, brought the Yukon even with his tractor-trailer and pulled out a gun. The other driver then rolled down the passenger window, pointed the gun at the cab of the victim's truck and opened fire.

The driver and passenger of the tractor-trailer were not injured, but one of the rounds did enter the interior of the cab of the truck, Watterson said. The bullet ended up in the sleeper section of the tractor-trailer, where deputies were able to later remove it.

After the shooting, the victims followed the Yukon off I-20 to Salem Road, but the SUV doubled back and returned to the interstate.

The passenger was able to write down the tag number of the trailer the Yukon was towing, which read TL63892.

The victims were able to give a thorough description of the vehicle, which Watterson said has greatly helped the investigation.

"We advise people to get the best description possible, but safety is most important," Watterson said.

As of Thursday afternoon, investigators were following leads in counties outside of Newton County. Watterson said the department is not currently releasing the type of gun used in the attack.

If you have information about, please call the NCSO at (678) 625-1403. Tips may also be given anonymously at (678) 625-5007 or on their Web site