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Third time's a charm
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On June 29, Covington resident Gino Shepherd was arrested after allegedly calling 911 and pleading to be arrested, according to a Covington Police Department report.

 After being kicked out of the Rainbow Ministries homeless shelter for starting fights with fellow residents, Shepherd made several attempts to get arrested before successfully accomplishing his goal.

 For his first attempt, Shepherd tried admitting himself into Newton Medical Center as a mental patient at midnight so he wouldn't have to sleep outside.

 When he was denied and told he must leave, Shepherd refused and was escorted out by a security officer.

 After being given a warning by CPD officer Anthony Walden and Sgt. Vic Partee, Shepherd left and made his way to Hazelbrand Road for his second attempt.

 At 1:30 a.m. Walden and Partee responded to a call from an 83-year-old woman, who stated she had a black man beating on the door asking her to call the cops. When the two arrived on the scene, they found Shepherd standing on the lady's porch demanding to be taken to jail.

 "I have committed a crime," Shepherd said. "Now you have to take me to jail."

 Officer Walden again told Shepherd to leave the residence and that he would not be arresting him. He also told him not to dial 911 again, unless there was a real emergency.

 On his third and final attempt, Shepherd went to the Waffle House on U.S. Highway 278 at 4 a.m. and demanded that the cook give him something to drink and call the police.

 Shepherd told the cook to say that there was a man with mental health problems in the restaurant.

 When Walden and Partee arrived for the third time they arrested Shepherd for unlawful conduct, during a 911 call and loitering.

 Shepherd was taken to the Newton County Detention Center.

Stolen church gowns and women's shoes

 On June 30, a Covington resident had his storage unit located on Washington Street burglarized, according to Covington Police Department reports.

 The victim went to the storage unit when he discovered that the lock had been cut off and there were missing items.

 Among the missing items were a 26-inch Huffy bike, a DVD player, three church gowns, three bags of women's shoes, VHS tapes and men's shirts.

 Currently no arrests have been made.

DUI with kids in the car

 On June 29, Kristopher House was arrested for driving while under the influence on Smith Store Road, according to Covington Police Department incident reports.

 When walking to confront House, officer Steven Ledford noticed two children in the back seat and another child in the front seat.

 According to the report, House registered double the legal blood alcohol level when administered a breathalyzer test.

 Registering a breath sample of .184, House was taken to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with DUI and child endangerment while driving under the influence.

Animal abuse

 On June 28, Newton County Sheriff's deputy Christopher Allen responded to an animal abuse call.

 Joe Thomas was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he entered his neighbors' yard and allegedly put a knife to her dog's throat.

 After a short altercation between Thomas and his neighbor, he hid in his house as the officers arrived.

 Thomas, who was hesitant to leave, eventually departed the house to begin talking with Allen.

 During the process of trying to differentiate stories, Allen detected a strong odor of alcohol.

 Eventually, Allen decided Thomas didn't put a knife to the dog's neck, but rather picked the dog up by its neck to carry it inside.

Allen then arrested Thomas and transported him to the Newton County Detention Center.