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The pastor and the prophetess
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Pastor Clinton and Prophetess and author Carlitta M. Reed take No Compromise Ministry to the streets and minister through a heart of love and compassion for people who are homeless, living in a spirit of poverty, possessed by demonic spirits and addicted to drugs, alcohol and desires of the flesh.

 Often, they are asked to perform spiritual cleansing of homes by casting out evil spirits through prayer, Bible scripture and calling on the name of Jesus.

"Anytime you stand for what is right, you will have confrontation," Pastor Reed explained. "That is why God has put a spirit of no compromise in me. No Compromise Ministry is all about Jesus and helping his people."

 Reed grew up with godly parents, Clifford and Cynthia Reed. As a child, Pastor Reed was plagued by attacks from Satan.

 He talked to his parents, but they didn't understand how to help him. As a child, he remembers seeing demonic spirits and feeling terrified - sleeping with the light on because he felt like Satan was trying to suffocate him.

 Reed accepted the call to preach in 2002. Ordained by the Rev. Steve Baker and his evangelist wife Sonya from the Powerhouse Deliverance Temple, Denver, Colo., he and his wife dedicated their ministry to God on April 25, 2007.

 Pastor and Prophetess Reed open their home on at 7 p.m. Thursdays for Bible study and offer small group meetings for women on a monthly basis to build attendees' self esteem.

 They are also available to minister to the sick, shut-ins and prisoners.

"We are trying to break the works of the devil," he explained as he described how spiritual warfare takes place in the mind. "We have to live holy and not compromise God's word for anyone. Once you fall in love with Jesus Christ, you want to please him. We teach people how to fight spiritually and show how they can be somebody and have an impact on this world."

 Carlitta Reed was born in Paducah, Ky., and moved to Conyers in 1996. Having escaped an abusive relationship, she promised God if he would send her a Christian husband, she would give up everything and live a godly life. She met her husband Clinton in 1999. They reside in Covington with their two children - James and Unique.

"As I would get close to God, he would tell me things - not realizing he was drawing me to the ministry as a prophetess," she said. "In 1995, he told me I was a mouthpiece for him. When you hear a word from a prophet, it draws you to God because you know that no one else knew except God." 

 Five years ago, a woman prophesied to her that she would write a book. She recalled how God provided the funding for her first book.

 Reed had given her testimony at church and as she and her husband walked to their car, a woman stopped her and gave her a check for the entire cost.

 Published by Wilbur Daniel Ministries in May of 2007, "No Weapon Formed" has sold over 800 copies. The name was inspired by Isaiah 54:17: (King James Version) "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper."

 Her second book, "Walking with Jesus" is awaiting publication. Funds from the book sales are seeded back into the ministry.

"Everything in my book is from the trials and tribulations that I have gone through," she said. "My experiences were not to break me, but to make me go to the next level. He gave me the title "No Weapon Formed" because I was going through a lot of spiritual warfare at that time."

 The pastor and prophetess encourage people to seek God like never before, to pay attention to their dreams and to confront and expose demons by asking someone to pray with them.

"We go through things so that God can build us up and take us further," Clinton Reed said of his experiences. "God wants us to go beyond measure."

 The ministerial team is available to preach, speak at banquets or small groups, help build and organize churches, cast out demons and teach classes on spiritual warfare.

 For more information, contact