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Teen attacked by large group
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 A Covington juvenile was attacked and robbed late Monday evening on his way home by a group of male teens, according to a Covington Police Department report.

 The 16-year-old victim said he was walking by the railroad tracks shortly before 11 p.m., returning from a friend's house, when eight to 10 black male teens, ranging in age from about 15 to 18, "jumped" him and began beating him, according to the report.

 He was punched in the face and fell to the ground, where the other group members started punching and kicking him. They reportedly took the cash in his pockets and fled toward the Housing Authority.

 The victim said he recognized one of the group members, a slim black male, about 5 feet 11 inches with short hair, burgundy hooded jacket and black or brown saggy pants and black shoes, but didn't know his name.

 The report described the victim as having a swollen face and a cut above his eye that was treated by emergency medical personnel. He was later taken to Newton Medical Center by his mother.

 When police circled the Nixon Circle area, they noticed several black males hanging around. They left as soon as officers drove through the cul-de-sac.

 CPD Officer Gene Nuqui found a male juvenile exiting an apartment, who according to the report, appeared nervous and in a hurry to leave.

 The male told Nuqui he didn't live there, but when asked who he was visiting, the male didn't know the name of the resident. The resident of the apartment said she was in the shower when he came in and asked him to leave when she noticed he was nervously looking out the windows.

 The juvenile was taken by police to the hospital parking lot and identified by the victim as being at the scene of the robbery, although the victim wasn't sure if he was one of the attackers. The suspect was taken back to CPD station to be interviewed.

 When officers conducted a follow-up interview with the victim, he gave a slightly different version than what he initially reported and named another male as being part of the incident. Officers found the male sleeping in a green Ford Explorer in front of his girlfriend's apartment and brought him in for questioning.

Although the case is still under investigation, at least four juveniles have been arrested, according to CDP spokesperson Lt. Wendell Wagstaff, with the possibility of several more arrests to follow.