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Subway burglarized
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The Subway store in Newton Plaza was reportedly burglarized sometime between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Sunday, with the front glass shattered and $500 stolen, according to the Covington Police Department Public Information Log.

Covington Police found a large rock in the broken glass just inside the door. The cash register had been disturbed and a briefcase-sized safe was lying on the ground, broken open, according to the Information Log. A plastic cash tray with coins but no bills was also out on a table top.

Approximately $500 had been stolen, according to the assistant manager.

The perpetrators had also knocked down the camera located near the front of the store and the camera system was inoperative.

No alarm calls to the store were received during the night, but when police officers inspected the interior of the store, a motion detector was tripped and an audible alarm set off, according to the Log.