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Stop the mad
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Dear Editor: I have discovered a loop hole in the law that permits a new in-ground swimming pool to be built on a residential property.

The law (in Newton County) states that a fence must be built around the new in-ground swimming pool at a home in the county. I believe this law was placed on the books to protect neighborhood children, from slipping away and going for a swim when the new pool owner was away or just maybe on vacation for a few days.

If you build a new home or business in Newton County, before you can move in, you must have a final inspection from the county.

There is no inspection, by Newton County, to say that the fence must be up and around the new pool before it can be used

The pool owner can get a six-month building permit, and if he wants another six months, he can have it. So the home owner can go a whole year and use the new pool without having to put the complete fence up.

Should the county be responsible if some neighborhood child should drown in the pool, by allowing the new pool owner to fill the pool before the complete fence is in place around the pool and, thereby, protect the neighborhood children .

I think our county law should be changed to allow the pool to be filled only after a fence is built all around the pool.