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Shots fired at house
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A local woman suspects her brother shot at her house twice while she was still inside.

Newton County Sheriff's Deputy Wesley Atha responded Tuesday to a call of shots fired at a house on Richards Chapel Road. Upon arrival, Atha and another deputy cleared the outside of the residence and the surrounding area before making contact with the people complaints.

Jenny Strickland advised she had been standing beside the oven next to the rear door when her brother called from the yard to let him inside. She told her brother no and he allegedly fired a shot through the glass of the door, which ricochet off an electrical panel, almost hitting her head.

Sammy Strickland said he took Jenny Strickland into the bedroom, where they both hid under a mattress. Jenny Strickland then called 911.

The victims heard another shot fired outside the residence while Jenny Strickland was on the phone. The shot reportedly sounded close to the wall of the bedroom.

Jenny Strickland said she knew it was her brother, who was staying in room 341 of the Corner Stone Lodge. A slug was located next to the back door. The case was then turned over to investigators.

As of the time of the report, no arrests had been made.