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Save for the trees
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Dear Editor: One of the determining factors as to why I bought my house in historic North Covington was because of the beautiful mature bushes and trees in this neighborhood. Some of the trees are well over 100 years old. To my chagrin, last week I noticed two of the stunning trees at the intersection of Odum and Echols streets had been cut down. I don't recall these beautiful old trees ever looking diseased or dying.

I couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind intentionally scarring his own property in such an irreversible manner. But who knows, maybe the property owners requested the removal.

I called the number of the Covington Tree Preservation Program ordinances Web site to inquire if there was a permit acquired to have these two irreplaceable treasures destroyed.

I was told that the electric department was responsible and had decided the trees and their falling branches were a dangerous nuisance. Trees always have falling branches. That's life. Also, there were no electric lines that passed through these trees. The closest power lines were across the street adjacent to either side of the property.

The main concern for any utility company is to minimize obstacles that prevent efficiency and profitability. But there is no justification for destroying old growth trees on the possibility of becoming a nuisance in the future.

The electric department should not decide what our neighborhoods look like. The Tree Preservation Board which is concerned about healthy oxygen producing green space and quality of life should make that decision.