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Runoff election needs voters
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Tuesday there will be a runoff election for the Newton County Sheriff Republican nomination and the Democratic nominees for the Newton County Commission chairman and the commission seat for District 3.

To have a runoff election is a costly proposition that drains tax money, which could have been used for other projects that we need here in Newton County.

One of the things leading to runoffs is poor voter turnout in the first primary election, which took place on July 15.

We live in a society that increasingly, because of voter indifference, is being controlled by the minority.

Our country was built on majority rule not minority rule.

The freedom that we have to vote has been earned for us by the blood and sacrifice of millions of our forefathers.

We do them an injustice by not taking ten minutes of our time to exercise one of our greatest privileges, which is the freedom to vote

If you did not vote in the July 15 primary, you can still vote on Tuesday.

Voters are urged to get out and not let the minority of the minority control who will be your elected officials.

Please go vote this Tuesday. Your vote will count.