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Porterdale home yields 25 neglected dogs
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Twenty dogs were euthanized last week in Porterdale after their owner was charged with violating city code.

At the owner's request, the Newton County Animal Control gathered the man's 25 dogs and took them in for medical care.

Director of the NCAC Terri Key-Hooson said the man was only required to get ride of some of the dogs but chose to give them all to the shelter.

Key-Hooson said all the dogs suffered from neglect. Several of the animals' hair was so matted that veterinarians could not get to their skin.

Other dogs' eyes were crusted shut. The 20 dogs that were put to sleep were in extremely poor health, Key-Hooson said.

The NCAC was notified of the animal neglect when a witness reported several dogs in poor condition in the man's yard.

An animal control officer went to the house before contacting other officials about the code violation.