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Porterdale grants beer, wine permit
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Patrons can now enjoy a fine wine or a cold lager at Jimbo's Grille at the Mill after the Porterdale City Council voted in favor of granting the restaurant's beer and wine pouring license on Monday.

The vote was four in favor and one against for the license. Kay Piper was the lone disinter.

"I always vote no on issues having to do with alcohol, so it is nothing personal," Piper said.

The City Council was set to hear any objections to the license from the community at a public hearing, but no one decided to protest.

Porterdale Mayor Bobby Hamby said he though the move would create more business for the Grille.

"I think it will add some revenue to them," Hamby said. "But I don't expect it turn into a bar or anything. I think people just might want to have a drink with their food."

The City Council also voted to let voters decide the issue of Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants in the November referendum.