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On this page in today's paper, we are running an Op-Ed piece written by Barak Obama that ran in the New York Times on July 14. We are also running a response to that piece written by John McCain.

McCain's piece did not run in the New York Times because the editors of that paper refused to run it.

The editorial page or pages of a newspaper have, since the beginning of newspapers, formed a sacred bond between the newspaper and its readers.

A newspaper that is in tune with its readers should run editorials and opinion pieces that spurs its readers to think. An opinion page should help readers participate in the community happenings, either political or otherwise.

We present our editorial opinion three times a week in every edition of the News.

We encourage your comments either pro or con, and we are always glad to run them on the same page that we have presented our own opinions.

We have asked community leaders to present opinion pieces; thus far County Commission Chairman Aaron Varner and Covington Mayor Kim Carter have taken us up on our offer.

We encourage any other politician or resident to also participate in this open forum.

The pure arrogance shown by major papers across this country, like the New York Times, is astounding. In making decisions that smother readers, the Times has stifled the first amendment.

By not offering a balanced view of opinions the Times has ignored what newspapers have done fervently since the first newspaper went to the press - that is to provide a forum to encourage open and free opinions.

Our precious obligation as a newspaper is to protect and defend the rights of our residents - the right to enjoy freedoms insured by the first amendment.

It's actions like these that are causing the demise of once mighty newspapers like the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.