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Officer shocks self during arrest
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 A traffic stop turned into a physical brawl with both defendant and officers being struck by a Taser, according to a Covington Police Department report.

 Michael Lackey was arrested April 17 and charged with two felony counts of obstruction, tampering with evidence and attempting to remove a firearm/Taser/baton from officers.

 CPD officers pulled over a 2001 Ford Taurus shortly after 4 p.m. for failing to stop at a stop sign, according to the report. The driver, Amanda Kay Elder, had been previously stopped that day and had allegedly attempted to break a glass crack pipe with her bare hands and throw it out the window during the stop.

 Officer C. Allen observed that the passenger, Lackey, was "extremely nervous and visibly shaking."

 Allen asked Lackey to open his mouth, which Lackey did slightly and then quickly shut it, allegedly moving something around with his tongue. Lackey opened his mouth a little wider upon a second request, allowing Allen to observe crumbs of an off-white substance believed to be crack cocaine. When Allen asked him to lift his tongue, Lackey closed his mouth and began chewing.

 Allen then put his hand around Lackey's throat to prevent swallowing and swept Lackey to the ground and ordered to spit out the crack cocaine after Lackey became aggressive, according to the report.

 Officer C. Usiak activated a Taser into Lackey when he reportedly tried to push himself up off the ground and squirm away. Usiak accidentally struck himself and Allen when he fired the Taser a second time, dropping it in the process. Lackey picked up the Taser and did not let go until Usiak hit Lackey in the face three times with a closed hand. Usiak then grabbed the Taser and threw it out of reach.

 Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene, and Lackey was examined by a doctor and released, according to the report.