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Newton County Cheeseheads
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Newton County Recreation Department's Division I (8 and under) All Stars have completed their play of two tournaments after being picked for the All-Star team at the end of the regular season.

Tim Tukes was the head coach of the Newton County All Stars along with assistant coaches Crosby Broadwater, Benny Franklin, Robert Black and Alan Howard.

The players included Joshua Tukes, Chris Broadwater, Robert Black, David Butso, Chandler Sweat, Anthony Robinson, Darvin Jones, Jamaris Jeffries, Marquis Davis, Spurgeon Gaither, Dexter Scott, Stevie Howard, Jermaine McSween, Cort Williamson, Wendel Lee, Eric Stokes, Jamarco Williams, Blake Roberts, Justin Johnson, Chavis Franklin and Koby Perry.

The Newton County Packers won their first tournament, which was the Georgia Bowl II played in Monroe. The Packers easily dominated the field of 12 teams by defeating Grayson (28-0), Perry (26-0), Lawrenceville (12-0) and Jones County (28-0) in the championship.

The second tournament was the 13th Annual Southeast National Youth Football Championship in Macon, which ended Sunday. This tournament had many more teams from all over the Southeast.

The Packers beat the Red Rams from St. Louis, Miss. (34-0), the Thomaston Vikings (28-0), Harris County (40-0), Albany by forfeit (no show) and the C-Met Panthers from Charlotte, N.C. (34-0).

The Packers were the only team to get to the championship without losing a single game or to have any team score on their exceptional defense. Their perfect record and scoreless defense lost their first and final game in a close battle with the Atlanta Longhorns, 13-6, during the championship game.

With a 9-1 record, the Packers outscored their opponents 238 to 13. The offense rushed for 1,777 yards, averaging 26 points per game and for 222 yards.

Protected by an offensive line which averaged 107 pounds, Eric Stokes led the explosive backfield, running for 557 yards on 35 attempts and 11 touchdowns. The defense was led by Koby Perry and Chavis Franklin with 36 tackles each.

With only two weeks to put a team together, which would eventually compete in two tournaments in the Newton County Division I All Stars, the Packers were extremely successful.

Coach Tutes kept saying throughout practice and at games that the "G" on the helmet stood for "Great Kids."

Tutes was very proud of the way his team performed because in both tournaments the Newton County Packers faced travel teams that have been playing together for a whole season, while some teams have been playing together for several years.