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New clues emerge in double murder
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The Newton County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the double murder of a young couple as new information concerning the case continues to emerge.

An incident report issued by the sheriff's office indicates a gun was involved in the murder of Jeffery Nevels, 40, and Rachel Buser, 30, who were reportedly found dead at Buser's residence in The Falls subdivision at 695 Freeman Drive

"We are continuing to track down every lead in the investigation," said NCSO Lt. Bill Watterson. "We'll be working on it this weekend."

 The victims' bodies were discovered when one of their employers visited the house after the victim missed several days of work. When he arrived he found all the lights off in the residence. When no one answered the door, he left but came back later with a friend. After looking into the windows he spotted one of the bodies on the floor.

 According to the NCSO incident report, deputies had trouble entering the house because the victim's dog was trying to protect the home. Once animal control removed the dog, deputies found the Nevels on the living room floor and Buser in the bedroom.

Watterson said there was no sign of forced entry into the home which indicated to investigators that the victims' knew their murderer. Investigators also do not suspect drugs were involved.

Both bodies were taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab in Decatur. Watterson said a time of death had been determined, but declined to divulge the exact time. Early indications had suggested the couple had been dead for at least a day or more when the bodies were found.

Tuesday's murders brought the total number of homicides for 2008 in Newton County to four in three separate cases. The year got off to a rocky start when Dennis Rogers was reportedly shot by Courtney Thornton on New Year's Day. Rogers later died of his wounds. Two weeks later, Darrell Antonio Crowder allegedly murdered his estranged wife Catcilia Crowder while their 16-year-old daughter slept in a nearby room.

Both suspects were later arrested.

Anyone with further information regarding case is asked to call the Newton County Sheriff's Office at (678) 625-1403. Tips may also be given anonymously at (678) 625-5007 or on their Web site