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Man tries to swallow pot when stopped
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A Virginia man nearly collided head-on with a Porterdale police officer and then reportedly swallowed a large amount of marijuana before being arrested, according to a Porterdale Police Department report.

Jamison Harrold, 30, of Martinsville, Va., was driving south in a black Jetta on Crowell Road about 3 p.m. on Aug. 9 when he attempted to pass the car in front of him in a 'no-pass' zone.

A Porterdale police officer in the northbound lane saw the Jetta headed toward her and honked her horn causing him to move back into the southbound lane. She turned around and pulled him over at a nearby Shell gas station.

When she approached the driver, the officer saw several blunt wrappers and cigar shavings all over the front of the car - a common practice for marijuana users, according to the report. Harrold allegedly seemed nervous and said he didn't have his driver's license but gave his passport instead, according to the report.

A Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy arrived on the scene and stood by to assist.

When the officer asked Harrold to step out of the car, he allegedly kept putting his hands in his pockets, "as if he was trying to hide something," wrote officer Veronica Williams. She also noticed he was chewing something but hadn't been chewing earlier.

"Mr. Harrold had a large wad of something in his mouth, he could hardly chew it," wrote Williams. "I told him to open his mouth and he refused and began to try to swallow what was in his mouth."

Williams grabbed his throat to try and keep him from swallowing. When he opened his mouth, there were allegedly traces of suspected marijuana in his teeth and on the corner of his mouth.

According to the report, Harrold said, "You can't arrest me, you don't have any proof that I have any marijuana," to which the officer replied "Yes I do, you have some on the side of your face right now."

Officers found a baggie with marijuana residue and a "one-hitter" pipe while searching Harrold. A drug dog also gave several alerts on the Jetta.

Harrold was booked into the Newton County Detention Center and charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce, passing within 200 feet of oncoming traffic, passing in a no passing zone and having no driver's insurance. His car was impounded.

Pass the ammo

A strange package left at the public defender's offices on Pace Street stirred some suspicion Thursday but ended up being a misunderstanding.

A relative of a former client of the public defender's office reportedly dropped off the package for a lawyer who was in court that day.

Around 4:30 p.m., Anthony Carter, the Alcovy circuit public defender, found the taped shoe box wrapped in string sitting on a chair and asked staff to call the Covington Police to deal with the matter.

Police spoke with several subjects on the scene and told them to have the building evacuated, according to a CPD report. Some of the people began to evacuate while others didn't.

Carter was contacted by police supervisors and explained the order to notify police was taken out of context. The box reportedly contained old ammunition the relative found but didn't know how to handle.

"He dropped it off because he thought we might know what to do with it," Carter said. The man was called and asked to take back the package, which he did.

CPD spokesperson Det. Daniel Seals said residents occasionally bring old ammunition to the station to dispose of safely.