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Juveniles on house arrest caught breaking into home
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Officers from the Covington Police Department responded to an address on Briscoe Street in response to a burglary in progress on Sept. 6 at roughly 4:27 p.m. While en route, dispatchers advised that the complainants were following the alleged perpetrators and that they were described as three males wearing T-shirts and blue jeans, running west on Gold Street, past OCHO.

An officer spotted two black males running along the back side of the pool supply store and toward Advanced Auto Parts and turned on his blue lights in an attempt to stop the men. The officer reportedly went around the back of the auto store and the males allegedly ran back around to the front of the store where they were placed on the ground at gunpoint and taken into custody.

According to reports the two males were juveniles and both were wearing house arrest bracelets on their ankles. One of them reportedly had a juvenile warrant out for his arrest.

Both young men were transported back to OCHO where the complainant was waiting. She identified the juveniles as the two men that she had witnessed in her backyard and the same two she had chased. She said there was a third person involved but he was not located.

At the residence of the complaint there was, according to reports, visible damage where an entry attempt was made at the bedroom air-conditioning unit on the back of the house. Entry was not actually made and nothing was taken.

One too many

Law enforcement officers from the Covington Police Department responded to a home on Highway 36 where a man was reportedly grabbing bottles of alcohol, smashing the bottles and then throwing them at his son-in-law.

When officers arrived they spoke with 51-year-old Roy Lee Digby who reportedly told them his son-in-law had poured out all his alcohol. As the officer was speaking with Digby he was reportedly cussing and yelling. He was instructed by officers to stand by the patrol car while they spoke with his son-in-law, according to reports.

Reports indicate that Digby's son-in-law allegedly told officers that Digby had gotten extremely intoxicated and he (son-in-law) had gone to pour out the rest of Digby's alcohol, which was roughly one cup. The son-in-law allegedly told officers that when he poured the alcohol out, Digby became extremely angry and started yelling and cussing at him and then grabbed a liquor bottle and swung it at him several times. Digby then reportedly threw the bottle, striking his son-in-law in the back and cutting him. The broken bottle also reportedly struck a one-year-old boy, cutting him on the leg.

Digby was placed under arrest for two counts of battery and one count of cruelty to children in the third degree. According to reports, Digby walked to the door of the patrol car and then stopped and began yelling and cussing once more. After multiple warnings, the officer fired his Taser into Digby's ribcage in order to get him into the vehicle. He was then transported to the Newton County Detention Center.