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It's Time to Clean House!
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In this surprising calm since the 2006 election I am amazed at how many times I have heard what it will take for the Republicans to return to power. Since I do not count myself as a Republican OR Democrat, perhaps I am confused as to what happened on Election Day.

I am not interested in the present day Republicans returning to power. I am even less enthused with the selections that were made on November 7th.

We have replaced a Speaker of the House who, as I see it, had at least some knowledge of the deviant actions of Mark Foley yet did nothing about it, with a Speaker of the House who garners the support of the labor unions yet, will not allow a union presence in any of her businesses.

We have replaced a meek and mild do-nothing Senate Majority Leader with one who has undermined President Bush in any way, shape, or form possible while harping about the Presidents lack of reaching out to Democrats over the aisles on Capital Hill.

The country needs a full house cleaning in Washington D.C. The daily stench that emanates from this cesspool is overwhelming. This is the message that was sent to Washington last week. It wasnt a moratorium on the war as most pundits try to tell us. It wasnt a moratorium on any specific policy of the current administration.

What I believe that it was, was an attempt, by the voting electorate, to tell the public servants that represent us that they are NOT acting as public servants NOR are they representing us.

I have developed a very simple formula, which can be applied to the Congressman or Senator of your choice, that will tell you whether or not you have a public servant or an elected official that is drunk with power. All you need to do is ask him three very simple and direct questions.

1. Do you support term limits?

2. Do you support HR25, the Fair Tax?

3. Do you support construction of a border control fence on our boundary with Mexico

Scoring is easy, each question, if answered yes, awards the subject 1 point.

If the public servant scores less than 3, then they are corrupt with power.

An answer of NO to any question indicates that this politician has never read the Constitution NOR understood his Constitutional obligations to protect the citizens of this country.

We have the power to make the change. Next time your in the voting booth send a real message. Vote against anyone who has served more than two terms in office. Will we lose good people? Undoubtedly yes, but we will also begin to clear the stench that has populated our Federal Government for way too long.

I Leave You,

Simply American