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High-speed police chase ends in crash
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A high-speed pursuit ended with a horrific wreck Wednesday morning after a 15-year-old attempted to elude law enforcement officers.

The incident began shortly before midnight Monday when a Covington Police Officer attempted to pull the teenager over for a routine traffic stop. The juvenile did not stop for the officer and reportedly began to speed away in his Infinity, said Newton County Sheriff's Investigator Sonny Goodson.

The officer reportedly followed the teenager, at a safe distance, as he traveled toward Porterdale. During the pursuit, NCSO deputies and Porterdale Police Officers also became involved.

Two NCSO deputies were at a stop sign on Ga. Highway 81 while the suspect traveled toward them on Coral Road. Instead of continuing along the road, the juvenile reportedly veered left towards the side of the sheriff's patrol car. The deputy was just able to maneuver his car out of the suspect's path.

The Infinity hit a sidewalk and became airborne for 20 to 25 feet, said Goodson. As the car touched back down, it struck a concrete poll and the side of a gas pump, destroying both the pole and the pump at the Shell convenience store. The car continued forward, hitting a parked car and finally coming to a halt.

Goodson said the suspect tried to escape from the wrecked car, but law enforcement officers from all three authorities were on him within seconds, Goodson said.

Surveillance video from the Shell station showed that if the driver had come through 18 seconds earlier, he would have hit another car parked at the gas pump

The juvenile's parents were contacted and the suspect was transported to the Sandersville Youth Detention Center. The teenager's father said his son had taken his car while he slept.

Goodson said a pellet gun, which looked like a real handgun, was found in the car.

The teenager was charged with aggravated assault of a peace officer for trying to hit the sheriff's deputy. Further charges are forthcoming from the other agencies.