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Hearing the public's cry
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Dear Editor: I would like to thank our city council members for the vote on Sept. 17 to take approximately 5 percent from the sale of Covington Cable to purchase property that will be used by Rainbow Ministries and FaithWorks, though admittedly the vote was by a very small margin. I am a taxpayer and, therefore, very interested in how the council invests my money. I believe in this life there are investments that should be made that involve issues other than money. Such an investment is in people. Here we have people who are committed to helping those who need help, and we have people who are long on despair and short on hope. I truly believe in the future such an investment will yield dividends that we cannot imagine now.

I was proud of the united support of our councilwomen. You made a very strong statement. I have always believed if the wise men had been wise women, they would not have lost their way to the manger, they would have cleaned up the place and they would have left a casserole as they went on their way. I believe you represented the wishes of a majority of the very large crowd that was present. You certainly represented mine.