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Handicap parking abuse
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Dear Editor: Do you notice how many people use handicap parking spaces and do not appear to be handicapped? I have to confess I look every time to go to town.

I saw a man missing both legs, and I asked him what percentage of people who use handicap parking did he think was really handicapped. He said 20 percent. He said he didn't use handicap parking until someone parked so close to him he couldn't get in with his wheelchair and had to wait over an hour.

I am retired and with time on my hands decided to do a survey. Based on my survey, it would be closer to 3 percent of people who park in handicap spaces really are handicapped.

It is not a certain group of people who abuse handicap parking. They were old, young, skinny, fat, pretty or ugly. I conclude that people who use handicap spaces and are not handicapped are inconsiderate, selfish and lazy. I have lost half of my lungs to cancer and had heart bypass and prostrate surgery. My doctor said he would give me a handicap letter, but it would be better for me to walk. I agreed.