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Greatest time of the year for sports fans
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This is the greatest time of the year, especially if you're an avid sports fan.

Major League Baseball is gearing up for another season, the NBA playoffs are nearing (thank goodness), prep football teams are reuniting for spring workouts, hockey playoffs are just around the corner and March Madness is here!

Baseball is my first love, but there's nothing quite like following the NCAA college basketball tournament - it's fantastic. It's got emotion, it's got drama, it's got passion, it's got buzzer-beating baskets, it's got teams who never get coverage on a national basis - and it's got Dick Vitale! It's awesome, baby, with a capital-A!

Unlike college football, where a computerized system (BCS) calls the shots, there is no mathematical formula for the 64-team tournament - win, you keep playing for the national title; lose and you go home. It's that simple.

This year is especially exciting since Atlanta will be hosting the Final Four at the Georgia Dome. And the teams who will be competing for the championship trophy? That's a doozey - Florida, UCLA, North Carolina and Ohio State.

The winner? Not as easy a selection, but my choice is Florida. After all, the Gators are the defending champions. Until someone beats them in the upcoming weeks, they're the best team in the country.

But here is where it gets very, very interesting. If you turn on the television right now and flip to channel ESPN, numerous analysts will tell you why your pick and mine is absolutely wrong. In summary, this is what you'll hear:

Florida? No way - they're struggling down the stretch, and they aren't deep enough on the bench.

UCLA? C'mon - they don't score enough points to be a substantial threat, no matter how good they are on the defensive end!

North Carolina? Despite their ability to run up and down the court and score, the Tar Heels are just too young. Besides, their defensive isn't that great! But next year they're a lock for sure.

Ohio State? Oh, you mean Oden State? Can you name one other player on the team besides Greg Oden?

This is the great thing about college basketball in March - nobody can predict what will happen! So, despite what team I choose to cut down the nets in Atlanta or what team you have filled in your bracket to win it all, it's not a done deal by any stretch.

Unless, of course, you're a Jackson State fan.