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Girl whips out butcher knife in middle school fight
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Three middle-school-aged Covington girls were charged in a fight where one girl wielded a butcher knife, according to a report from the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Two of the 13-year-old girls were charged with affray fighting, a misdemeanor, and the third was charged with aggravated assault, a felony. No one was seriously injured, according to Lt. Mark Mitchell of the NCSO.

The incident occurred on Feb. 15 in the Autumn Way neighborhood just after the juveniles stepped off the school bus.

The girls began fighting after they filed off the bus. The fight broke up and one of the girls then reportedly went to her home and came out with a butcher knife. The knife was described as having a seven-inch blade and a black handle, according to the report.

She confronted the other girls and allegedly took a swing at them with the knife, said Mitchell. The girls were pulled apart by witnesses, and although they did sustain superficial injuries from the tussle, there were no serious injuries.

 According to the report, the fight did not seem to be gang related.

Reports indicated there were no indications of drugs or substances involved.

The juveniles were turned over to their parents and guardians after the investigation, said Mitchell.