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Get a taste of West Indian culture
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Seeing a need for a general store to cater to Newton County's growing West Indian population, Gary and Kenya Cliff decided to open the Old Harbour Bay Fish Market.

Located on North Elm Street in Covington, the fish market/restaurant/grocery store has been open for one year.

"We're doing it as a kitchen, seafood market and grocery all wrapped into one," said Gary Cliff who moved to the U.S. from Jamaica several decades ago.

According to Cliff, the closest West Indian fish market is in Atlanta.

"We realized it was needed," Cliff said. "We realized that West Indian products are hard to get."

Cliff said customers at his fish market can expect excellent customer service and to find everything they want.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Old Harbour Bay Fish Market offers a variety of traditional West Indian dishes including jerk chicken, brown stew chicken and oxtail.

For breakfast customers can choose between dishes of ackee fruit and saltfish, salt mackerel, kidney, liver and porridge. All breakfasts are served with the choice of green bananas, dumplings, yams or cassava. Both small and large portions are available.

Entrees come in small ($5), medium ($7) and large ($8.50) portions. Entrees include barbecue chicken, curry chicken, jerk chicken, brown stew chicken and chicken wings (in hot, mild and barbecue flavors). All entrees are served with the choice of white rice, rice and peas, salad or fried plantains. Soda is included in the meal.

Fried plantains, coco bread and fried okra are all on the menu as are onion rings, hush puppies, potato salad and coleslaw. Sides range in price from $.80 to $1.50.

All seafood is prepared to order. Catfish, croaker, snapper, tilapia, whiting, black bass, perch, grouper, red snapper and king fish are all carried at the fish market. Oysters, snow crab legs, shrimp and crawfish are also offered.

Goat meat, cow foot, chicken foot, oxtail and pigtail are also carried as are plantains, beans, coco bread and rice.

Traditional West Indian beverages including cream soda, ginger beer, kola champagne and coconut water are also carried.