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Five busted in motel raid
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 Five people were arrested in a pre-dawn motel raid and charged with drug possession felonies after an accusation of sexual assault led police to their rooms on Tuesday, according to a Covington Police Department report.

 Kevin Banks, 23, of Covington and Adrian Norman, 29, of Covington were charged with possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana. Clinton Smith, 30, of Conyers and Kimberly Jarrell, 19, of Athens were arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Destiny Welch, 18, of Covington was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, and theft of lost/mislaid property. All were arrested at the America's Best Value Inn on Alcovy Road.

 CPD Officer Joseph Parkin met with a complainant around 4 a.m. who said she had been hanging out with Banks, Norman, Smith, Welch and one other individual over the weekend and had seen them using and selling illegal drugs.

 During the weekend, according to the report, she said they drove around Covington and were paranoid of police, which in turn made her paranoid. She told Parkin she no longer wanted to associate with the individuals but was stranded in Covington until her mother could pick her up in the morning.

 When questioned by another officer why she was turning them in, she said she had been sexually assaulted by Banks, who allegedly threw her onto the bed and tried to take her clothes off, but she was able to push him off with her legs. She said Norman had witnessed the assault.

 Parkin and four other officers went to the America's Best Value Inn where Smith and Banks rented rooms 221 and 213.

 They had the witness knock on the door of room 213, where they found Banks, Norman, and Welch, who were handcuffed and separated for questioning. According to the report, there was a strong smell of marijuana in the room, and officers found two crack pipes in the bathroom, crack cocaine on the floor by the beds, marijuana in the ashtray next to the bed and in the bathroom toilet.

 In Welch's purse, they discovered a plastic bag of green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and an allegedly stolen Visa card. Welch claimed she found the card and intended to return it, but the complainant stated she saw Welch steal the card from a house near Harristown.

 Officers questioned Banks about the sexual assault. He said he had not done it and had not been alone with the accuser.

 In room 221, officers found Smith and Jarrell, who was reportedly in bed, along with a small plastic bag of an off white substance believed to be crack cocaine in a box of cigarettes.

 Smith claimed he had been in the room since Sunday, although the motel said he had been there longer than that, and he didn't know the occupants of room 213. When asked how they knew about him, he said his cousin was friends with them and informed them that Smith was staying there.

 Norman, Smith and Jarrell were released on Tuesday on a $2,500 bond. Banks, who had been incarcerated for charges of burglary in Newton and Rockdale counties, is being held for pardons and parole.