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Finger accidentally amputated
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 A juvenile received an accidental finger amputation last Friday at a school on Ga. Highway 36 according to a Newton County Sheriff's Office report.

 The juvenile was standing at a doorway with his hand in the hinge side of the door when an unknown female closed it, pinching off the end of his finger, according to the report.

 The boy was transported to Newton Medical Center.

 In another limb accident also on Friday, a woman's legs were run over by the car she was helping to repair when her husband shifted the gears, according to the NCSO incident report.

 Beverly Herring and her husband were reportedly working on the car, putting in a switch.

 The husband told the responding deputy he moved the gear shifter to allow the switch to go in, which put the vehicle in reverse. The car knocked the woman down, and ran over her legs.

 Herring was taken to Newton Medical by ambulance.

Just going for a ride...

 A Covington man had his car stolen when he allowed a man that claimed to be a potential buyer to take it out for a spin, according to the Covington Police Department public information log.

 The car owner told police a man, who introduced himself as Howard Clark, pulled up at the victim's work parking lot and stated he was interested in buying the victim's 2006 gray Honda Accord.

 The victim told police he had been trying to sell his car and agreed to let Clark test drive the Accord.

 Clark, who was described as a tall white male, about 40 years old, with graying hair and rotten teeth, was driving a 2000 black Hyundai Sonoma and offered the victim the keys to the Hyundai and his cell phone number while he took the car on the test drive.

 About two hours later, Clark had not returned and the victim called police to report the Accord stolen.

 The Hyundai had an unidentifiable VIN number, no signs of ownership or objects in the car, and the radio was taken out, according to the report.

Model car mayhem

 A disappointed NASCAR fan discovered the UPS package containing a model car he had ordered from QVC was stolen May 1.

 The car, described in a NCSO report as a red and white "All Star" Dale Earnhardt Jr. die-cast car, a 1:24 model of Earnhardt's car, had been purchased for $81.29 and delivered to the customer's front porch around 10 a.m.

 When he came back to the house around 6 p.m., he discovered the packaging a few houses away but no car.