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Covington council awaiting approval on 3 public broadcasting stations
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The Covington City Council is currently awaiting approval for a television program that could potentially bring life to three already existing cable channels.

 The Public Education and Government Program (PEG) is a newly established program that looks to get residents of the city involved in the production of the television programming.

 Operating on channels 8, 20 and 22, the program gives everyday people the ability to come in and use professional equipment to showcase their talents.

 "I think this is a great thing for Covington," City Manager Steve Horton said. "I don't see an end to the ideas that people can come up with."

 Studios will be available for use at both city hall and Alcovy High School, while people are still encouraged to bring in their own work from home.

 The city has been working with Charter Communications, and has reached an agreement that allows public broadcasting on the three channels.

 If 65 percent of air time is filled with video programming during the prime hours of the day, Charter will allow a fourth channel to be added.

 "I am really excited about the whole process," Horton said. "We are trying to get the community involved and develop programs of their interests."

 With topics such as the history of Covington and cooking shows being among the topics of interests, the program aims to suit the ideas of the community.

 "We welcome any ideas as long as they are suitable in content," Horton said. "I picture anything from crafts to gardening shows being aired. We are trying to inform people on the events occurring in the public, education and government."

 Also coinciding with the program is Covington's "Touch of Newton" which will remain showing its regular shows, while looking to add to current productions.

 With the program still in the early stages of production, Horton hopes to see everything up and running by early fall.

 "We are still in the preliminary draft stages, but everything seems to be coming along quickly," Horton said. "I was hoping for something as soon as September 1, but it may be just a little longer."

 If you have any ideas or would like further information, call Mark Culvertson at the city of Covington 770-385-2000.