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Building a better Newton
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Dear Editor: This past Saturday, the organizers of "Building a Better Newton" were once again successful in bringing together a broad cross section of community members who care about the direction in which our county is headed. Those present represented community leaders, educators, law enforcement, clergy, health care professionals and students among many others. The conversations that we have shared over these past two meetings have been thoughtful and profitable and are certain to lead to positive changes as we face the challenges of growth together.  
Unfortunately, I did not see as many of our elected officials in attendance at this recent meeting as I would have liked. As this process continues, I extend a challenge to the Newton County Board of Commissioners, the Board of Education and the various city councils in Newton County to get involved. If you want to understand the needs, concerns and dreams of the people whom you represent, come and hear them first hand. I can't imagine a better way for you to serve your constituents.

Dan Walden