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Bad medicine
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A woman and her child were reportedly attacked Wednesday by an intoxicated man after she denied the man prescription drugs.

According to reports, Austin Ergle, 22, entered the victim's apartment on Leafstone Drive and asked for some prescription medication. When the victim said she did not have any, Ergle reportedly threw the empty pill bottle at her and walked into the living room.

Once inside the living room, Ergle reportedly pushed the victim's 4-year-old son into a plastic "baby gate." The child hit the corner of the gate with his face, which gave him a black eye.

The victim later ran into Ergle that evening at the basketball courts while she was walking her dog. She asked Ergle why he had acted the way he had. Ergle responded by slapping the victim in the face and grabbing her by the jaw.

The slap left a mark on the victim's face, reported Newton County Sheriff's Office Deputy Steven Ledford.

Once the deputy was on scene, he quickly located Ergle next to a garage near the basketball court. Ledford reportedly noticed Ergle was very intoxicated.

Ergle reportedly told the deputy that he had been at the bar 5 O'Clock Somewhere drinking with his friends and that he did not even know the victim. He was then placed under arrest.

As he was entering the patrol car, Ergle admitted that he had been at the victim's apartment but denied having done anything wrong.

Ergle was transported to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with battery and cruelty towards children in the first degree.