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If you own a business or manage one in Newton County have you seen any financial effects yet of Baxalta locating here?

Hometown Heroes


Get control of your allergies

Spring is officially here. The flowers, trees, and weather say so. I can remember making all my friends and relatives jealous when I first moved down to Georgia because of the early spring weather. You can gloat a little when you are sitting on your front porch enjoying the sunshine and breeze and everyone in New Jersey is still wearing their long underwear and down coats.

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Updated: mar. 29, 2015 3:30 a.m.

The importance of SLEEP

Let’s admit it — we all dread the week that just passed. The “springing forward” is always harder than the “falling back.” Regardless of the promise of more daylight and spring being right around the corner, Daylight Savings Time is like a mild case of jet lag — which is why my 3-, almost 4-year-old is not going to sleep until after 9 p.m. It usually takes my family at least a week to adjust and we are all a little cranky about it.

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Posted: mar. 14, 2015 8:38 p.m. | Updated: mar. 15, 2015 5:00 a.m.

Go red for women

February 15… the day after Valentine’s Day. If you are one of the 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, happy day-after. This is when all that Valentine’s Day chocolate goes on sale! If you have small children, you spent the days leading up to Valentine’s Day in a frenzy of glue and glitter.

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Posted: feb. 21, 2015 3:46 p.m. | Updated: feb. 22, 2015 7:00 a.m.

Eat your way to a healthy, happy you

My super-busy life began seven years ago when my dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At the time, his diagnosis was really scary for our family.

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Posted: jan. 31, 2015 4:12 p.m. | Updated: feb. 01, 2015 7:00 a.m.

National Wear Red Day February 6

The color of February is red. Not for Valentine’s Day (though that is so romantic that you thought that). No, the color of February is red… for women’s heart disease.

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Posted: jan. 31, 2015 4:14 p.m. | Updated: feb. 01, 2015 7:00 a.m.

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