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MotS: If you had the funds SPLOST has, how would you spend them to improve Newton County?

With the SPLOST vote being held on March 7 The Covington News is offering a preview on where

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Man on the Street: What is your favorite children’s book?

Last Wednesday The Covington News helped sponsor this month’s Lunch Link at the Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce.  The twist: you had to ...

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Man on the Street: Is there someone from Newton County that could play in the NFL one day?

With the Falcons making it to the Big Game, The Covington News decided it was time to talk football. All the athletic talent in Newton ...

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Man on the Street: How do you take out the trash?

Waste disposal is a hot topic around Newton County these days.  The Covington News wants your take on the issue.  Here is what we found ...

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Man on the Street: What would you like to see in the Covington Town Center?

The Covington News took to the street to find out what you, the people of Covington, want to see in the upcoming Covington Town Center ...

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