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Letter: Why I support SPLOST

To the editor:

February 27, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters


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Photographs please

Dear Editor: My father, Robert H. Greene, owned and operated Greene's Pharmacy on the square in Covington for a number of years. I believe he sold it to Dan Wiegel when I was still in school and James Hutchins later owned it in that spot until he relocated to the other side of the square. I don't think there was ever a pharmacy on that site after that. Now, as a senior citizen, I look back on the years there with nostalgia. My grown children missed knowing their grandfather as he died in 1959 and would love to ...

March 27, 2010 | Vivian C. Greene Murphy, N.C. | Letters

The good life

Dear Editor: Yesterday I read in the paper, T. Pat Cavanaugh's column "In mourning" I do not write comments to editors, but as your will see from what follows, "perplexed" is not exactly how I feel.

March 27, 2010 | Robert G. Hapner Social Circle | Letters

No to healthcare

Dear Editor: Have you'll lost your minds? You are not listening to the people of Georgia. We do not want this bill and you are still supporting it. I know everybody I have talked to said no on this crazy healthcare bill. How can you do this to the American people? I do not want government to have any say in my healthcare. Freedom of choice - why didn't you'll let the people vote on this? I think you have all forgotten who you work for; I hope every one of you loses your jobs and is voted ...

March 26, 2010 | Yvonne Jones Covington | Letters

You can make a difference

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter today with great sadness in my heart because of the loss of another precious member of our community to domestic violence. I have spent the last seven years of my life attempting to educate those who will listen, about the horrible affects of domestic violence on our individual lives and our community. Even though our shelter helped over 3,600 individuals last year, this loss tells me that we have not done enough.

I understand that right now, everyone has the need to lay the blame for this loss on someone, when in ...

March 19, 2010 | Vicki Stevenson Director, Project ReNeWal | Letters

No taxation without representation

Dear Editor: I was very interested in the information contained in the March 3rd article "City residents question electric rates, system." Now I understand from the mayor's own statement that our higher than normal electric rates are being used to subsidize lower city property taxes. There is a very basic problem with that process. A large percentage of Covington Electric customers do not live in the city limits of Covington. I live about 5 miles north of the Covington city limits in the county. This means I'm being taxed without representation. If I remember my history correctly, that ...

March 10, 2010 | Charles Hodges Oxford | Letters

The sounds of love

Dear Editor: The Church at Covington did, indeed, ring with the sounds of love and praise at the FaithWorks' benefit, Sing-A-Song of Love, on Friday night, Feb. 26. Choir members and performers from the churches and community came together to raise funds for our ministry to those needing rent or utility assistance in Newton County. Admission was free, but generous hearts contributed over $4,600 in offerings taken that night. We could never have imagined such an overwhelmingly successful event, an event that will be repeated again next year.

Our thanks go to our host, The Church at Covington, pastored ...

March 05, 2010 | Kendra W. Boone FaithWorks Chair | Letters

Everyday heroes

Dear Editor: I want to thank the sheriff's department, fire department, ambulance staff, and wrecker services that came to our aid on a cold, rainy Tuesday night, March 2, at the accident on Hazelbrand Road at the eastbound entrance ramp of Interstate 20 at approximately 8 p.m.

Your response was swift. I am grateful no one was injured, but I am glad you all were there to help.

March 05, 2010 | Betty Buckler Conyers | Letters

Speak up

Dear Editor: I am deeply saddened by the Covington City Council decision not to pursue a grant to create a multi-use trail along the abandoned Norfolk Southern Railroad. One continuous complaint by Newton County and Covington officials is that Newton County residents go elsewhere to spend their money, robbing the city and county of sales tax dollars spent in neighboring counties. Well, the reason people go elsewhere is because our representatives keep passing up great opportunities, such as the trail system, that would bring in tourist dollars, encourage commercial development, and give people a reason to visit, shop, and dine ...

March 05, 2010 | Asher Dozier Covington | Letters

Not even coffee

Dear Editor: Mr. [Earnest] Simmons has it wrong. Elected officials and government employees should never even take a cup of coffee from anyone whom they are doing business with as a government official.

Our elected officials volunteer to serve. If they are looking for a free meal, then [they need to] resign or not run again.

March 03, 2010 | Mark Harrah Covington | Letters

Community that cares

Dear Editor: On Monday, Jan. 25, what a parent hopes and prays to be a normal, regular, safe day at school turned out to be one of the scariest days of our family's life. Our son, James P. Norrington, a 17-year-old student at Newton High School, entered his third block class and stated to his teacher that he didn't feel good; the teacher told him to go to the clinic and see the nurse but before reaching the clinic James collapsed in the front office. This is where our life started to change.

James' heart stopped and he ...

March 03, 2010 | Nancy and Johnny Norrington and family Covington | Letters

Greatest little town

Dear Editor: Dear Social Circle Planning & Zoning Committee Members: I would like to thank each of you for your dedication to the city of Social Circle. I know each of you love and care for Social Circle; otherwise you would not volunteer your time and knowledge for a sometimes thankless job. I know the past several months have been tiresome at times, and I applaud you for your willingness to hear from everyone who has a voice.

I would also like to thank you for making the changes with regard to the rezoning of property. As a county resident, when ...

March 02, 2010 | Jenny Cole Social Circle | Letters

Letter to the editor...Make your voices heard

Dear Editor: This letter is to all bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers and their families of [the] Newton County School System. The school board will soon decide the calendar for next school year. If the board chooses either the 169-day year or the four-day week, then the lowest paid employees will take a significant pay cut of up to 20 percent. You must take action by taking the survey on the school system Web site and contacting all the school board members. The hardest working and lowest paid employees should not have to take such a large pay cut to ...

February 26, 2010 | Mark Shirah Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor...Just say no!

Dear Editor: Chairperson [Kathy] Morgan made a deal with the Board [of Commissioners] upon entering office to receive $6,000 per year for automobile expenses.

February 25, 2010 | Samuel M. Hay III Covington | Letters

Letters to the editor - Gracious host

Dear Editor: Please allow me to thank State Senator John Douglas for visiting with my boys and me at the Capitol Thursday. He made it one of the most extraordinary days I have ever spent with my children.

February 24, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letters to the editor - Resurrected

Dear Editor: The Health Care Reform Bill is back. That is that Obama is trying to get it passed again. He said at the State of the Union that he would like to work with the Republican and Democrats. Well, that is what he said. He is having a meeting with Republican and Democrats this Thursday to talk about what will be in the bill, but Obama will be putting out what he will have in the on bill Monday, Feb. 22. That looks like he has made up his mind about what will be in the bill. That does ...

February 24, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

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