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Letters: The old 'double standard' is alive and well

Dear Editor,

May 21, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letters: Thank you, Pastor Payne

Dear Editor,

May 21, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters


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Letter to the editor: Thanks for making the homecoming a success

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Main Street Covington program I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation the support from the community for the Homecoming Celebration for Georgia National Guard Bravo Company 1st Battalion - 121st Infantry. It is important for our community and nation to express our gratitude and thanks to those who serve our country for their sacrifice and patriotism. The Homecoming Celebration exemplified this.
American Legion Post 32, Harvest Baptist Church, The Church of the Good Shepherd and First Baptist Church made sure that the troops were hosted to lunch on Saturday and Sunday that ...

June 16, 2010 | Josephine Kelly Director, Main Street Covington | Letters

Letters to the editor - Raise millage rate

Dear Editor: Commissioners Mort Ewing and Tim Fleming need to get with the program and raise the millage rate. It's just common sense that if the property tax revenues are reduced, the millage rate must go up to make up for the deficit. I know its hard for politicians to 'raise taxes,' but I believe most homeowners would rather pay the few extra dollars (not really more than we've been paying, due to decreased valuation of our homes) and maintain the standard and level of services here in Newton County. When (and if) the property valuation returns to ...

June 13, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letters to the editor - Don't increase taxes

Dear Editor: Somehow, I think we are misusing the English language when the commissioners talk about a "rollback" in property taxes. My copy of the American Heritage Dicitionary says rollback means "a reduction of prices or wages to a previously lower level." I suspect that other dictionaries say something similar. Let's call this what it is, a tax increase in a year when many of us are having a hard time making ends meet.

June 13, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter to the editor: Passing of a giant

Dear Editor: With the passing of Roy Varner, Newton County has truly lost a giant. As a Water Production employee I may be slightly biased, but I feel that Mr. Varner's foresight and steadfast determination in the construction of the county's drinking water reservoir (that bears his name) is the most enduring gift Roy Varner gave to the county he loved. The citizens of Newton (and Walton County) have and will continue to benefit from this vision.

However, it is much more than his accomplishments that made Roy Varner memorable to so many of us. From time to ...

June 09, 2010 | Bob Snipes Social Circle | Letters

Giant among men

Dear Editor: Thursday afternoon death stole a giant of Newton County and we are all the lesser by the loss

June 06, 2010 | Phil Johnson Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor: Internet censorship

Dear Editor: The copy below was what was sent earlier today to Rep. Jim Marshall of Georgia's 8th district in regards to his support of "Net Neutrality" which is nothing more than Internet censorship.

June 04, 2010 | Chris Miller Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor: Most important office

Dear Editor: Newton County has four elected offices that are legally classified as constitutional offices. These are the offices of the sheriff, tax commissioner, clerk of court and probate judge. All other offices are referred to as elected offices. These four constitutional offices were formulated in this manner so as to remain intact because their functions are absolutely necessary and fundamental for the safety, protection and operation of the county. These four offices are also referred to as "essential."

June 04, 2010 | Harry L. Long Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor... First year at FTS

Dear Editor: I would like to thank the Board of Education for giving us, Newton County citizens, an opportunity to start a brand new concept with the theme schools in Newton County this year. At Fairview we have often described this first year as our first baby. The unknown of the first weeks and months has lead to a sense of security and knowledge at the close of our first year. We are eager about taking off and walking with confidence next year. We anticipate the second year and consequential years to flourish.

June 02, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

The Roast of Betty Faith Jaynes

Dear Editor: The Friends of Porterdale Inc. wants to extend a very special thank you to all the people who contributed to the success of the Betty F. Jaynes Roast on May 15. This special thank you extends to the sponsors of our event, the volunteers, the contributors, the Betty F. Jaynes Roast committee, those of you who supported us by attending the event and the sports celebrities who gave their time and waived any speaking fees they normally charge to participate on the program. A very special thank you to Betty Faith Jaynes for allowing us the opportunity to ...

May 28, 2010 | Kay Shaw Coggin President, Friends of Porterdale | Letters

Letter to the editor: Misguided

Dear Editor: Friday's editorial about a potential millage rate increase is yet another example of a disturbing trend in the News' editorials of recent months.

The editorial blatantly misrepresented the facts involved in an attempt to support the News' blanket opposition to any and all tax "increases." The truth is that this moderate millage rate hike is not a net tax "increase." The higher millage rate will be roughly offset by declining property values and assessments. Moreover, you know this. Or at least you should. Your own coverage of the Board of Education meeting pointed it out ("Tentative Budget ...

May 26, 2010 | Bart Buff Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor: Misinformed

Dear Editor: Your May 23 editorial, "Era of humiliation" brings to mind the old saying: "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts."

May 26, 2010 | Charles Woods Retired Social Studies Teacher | Letters

Letter to the editor: County champion

Dear Editor: I would like to share my positive sentiments about Mort Ewing, 1st District county commissioner. Mort is a long-time friend of mine so my comments are admittedly biased. Nevertheless, I am long overdue at publicly thanking him for the wonderful job that he has done as a Newton County leader.

Over the years Mort has consistently worked for the good of the citizenry of our county. His motives have always been totally unselfish. His agendas have always been clear, honest and well articulated. I and others have not always agreed, but there is never any dispute who knows ...

May 26, 2010 | Sandy Morehouse Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor: Professional public safety

Dear Editor: One year ago the city of Oxford entered into an agreement with Newton County for the county to provide fire and emergency medical service for the city of Oxford. This arrangement was initiated by Oxford because the Newton County Fire Service had grown and the quality of its equipment and personnel was superior to what Oxford was capable of providing for itself. This consolidation of an essential public service has been successful and beneficial to both the county and Oxford. The level of expertise and professionalism in the Newton County Fire Service is an asset that we recognize ...

May 26, 2010 | Jerry Roseberry Mayor, City of Oxford | Letters

Letter to the editor: Try cutbacks instead

Dear Editor: To lay off 100 more county employees prolongs the recession, could add to foreclosures and will wreak havoc on families. Instead, why not cut work time and pay by 20 percent (or whatever percentage does the job) across the board. The county saves and no one loses a job. Maybe services are slower; they would be anyway with the layoffs. Most everyone can cut back 20 percent, I know as I have.

May 26, 2010 | Sheryl Christian Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor: Thanks NCSO

Dear Editor: On May 8th, the Covington Rotary Club, in conjunction with the Covington Police Department and the Newton County Sheriff's Department, co-sponsored a Gun Safety Clinic at the FFA Camp. The class lasted all day with the morning being devoted to topics such as the Georgia gun laws, the fundamentals of shooting, the different types of weapons and home safety just to name a few. After lunch, we each got experience shooting on the firing range.

May 26, 2010 | Vicki Stafford Covington | Letters

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