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Letter: At a crossroads over history versus the present


August 20, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: Thank you for helping my child through a difficult time

Dear Ms. Greco,

August 13, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: Handicapped discrimination ruling against the BOC

Editor's note: This press release was provided to The Covington News Friday, Aug. 4 by Commissioner J.C. Henderson with an attached copy of ...

August 06, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: BOC learns about county’s real water needs

The Newton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) learned about our community's real water problems at a special called meeting Aug. 3. An engineering evaluation ...

August 06, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letters: Welcome back!

Dear Editor,

July 23, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: EMS controversy requires transparency

Dear Editor,

July 09, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: Marcello Banes explains EMS situation

To the Citizens of Newton County:

July 07, 2017 | | Letters

Letter: Dear Covington: Here’s a little advice

I've lived in this city for almost 10 years now, and I'm still captivated by my decision to move from sunny southern California ...

June 25, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters


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Kudos to the NCSO

Dear Editor: On Tuesday Aug. 3, the Newton County Sheriff's Office assisted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Cornelia Police Department in apprehending a suspect wanted for armed robbery here in Habersham County. In addition, investigators with the Newton County Sheriff's Office assisted in the investigation, together with the Loganville Police Department, Walton County Sheriff's Office and other agencies.

August 11, 2010 | Brian M. Rickman District Attorneym, Mountain Judicial Circuit | Letters

Eight years later, still getting information

Dear Editor: Some things just don't change. Eight years ago the Board of Commissioners refused to put the county alcohol-by-the-drink issue to a public vote citing they didn't have enough time and information. Two of the commissioners who on Aug. 3, 2010, refused once again to let the public vote on the issue are the same commissioners who voted no in 2002 for the same reason. What have they been doing for the last eight years?

August 11, 2010 | William D. Loeble Covington | Letters

The News and the commissioners

Dear Editor: I found your thoughts about the Liquor Ordinance vote quite interesting. While you declared that Mort Ewing's vote was cast as a reflection of "his moral views on drinking of any kind," you concluded to that J.C. Henderson's negative attributes formed the basis for his vote.

I find your remarks about Earnest Simmons to be particularly disturbing, however. While you decided that he had voted out of spite, you went on to declare that his district was "wise enough not to elect him back to office."

August 11, 2010 | Lois N. Upham Covington | Letters

Pundits and politicians

Dear Editor: I like Mort Ewing. He has the fortitude to "do the right thing." In the Aug. 6 edition of the Covington News, the News' editorial said Mr. Ewing "could have trusted the people of the county to do the right thing and vote for the good of the financial health of the county." The insinuation being that Mr. Ewing did the wrong thing. What Mr. Ewing did was to take into consideration the safety and well being of all its citizens. Did he "inflict his own personal views on the voters of the county?" Isn't our form ...

August 11, 2010 | Robert Rhoades Social Circle | Letters

The commissioners were right

Dear Editor: I want to thank The Covington News for their coverage of the recent alcohol by the drink referendum in Newton County. However, I must say that in my opinion your editorial cartoon was distasteful and not an accurate portrayal of these three commissioners.

Having attended the work session of the Newton Board of Commissioners on Monday, Aug. 2, I did not hear, nor perceive that these men were imposing their personal opinions on this matter upon the public. As the session began the Chairman prefaced the meeting by stating that the issue would not be discussed on the ...

August 08, 2010 | Larry Cheek Oxford | Letters

When you’re in a hole, stop digging

Dear Editor: The only thing more painful than seeing someone deep in a hole still digging is to find yourself down there with them. Which is why many of us were so pained by the Newton County Board of Commissioners' latest blunder Tuesday night, voting not put a liquor by the drink referendum on the upcoming ballot. Each day, our county slides deeper into a financial hole affecting every one of us, and some commissioners still don't realize they're the ones digging.

We've hidden behind the recession long enough. Newton County was on the wrong path before ...

August 08, 2010 | Maurice Carter Covington | Letters

Liquor by the drink

Dear Editor: Many thanks to Newton County Commission Chair Kathy Morgan, and Commissioners Nancy Schultz and Tim Flemming for supporting the "liquor by the drink" referendum for the county. These leaders showed true vision and leadership for our county. Too many of our tax dollars are going across the county line to restaurants that we can't attract to our county because of our archaic laws.

August 08, 2010 | Dan Walden Covington | Letters

Pathetic voter turnout

Dear Editor: To the voters of Newton County:

As a patriotic American, I was appalled to learn of the only 20 percent voter-turnout last week for the primary election. There are two means of voting to make it easier for the voter (other than the polls) - absentee ballots or early voting, and unless you were ill that day, you do not have an excuse.

July 30, 2010 | Polly V. Harvey Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor... Fight on, Arizona

Dear Editor: As those of us who actually have a generational birthright claim of citizenship to this once sovereign nation wait with bated breath for a politically appointed judge in Arizona to determine if Arizona has the right to protect its borders and citizenry, this "administration" unbelievably squanders more money that we don't have to oppose sanity. How could any rational thought condone and actually promote stealing one's way into our country? Especially from our leader. Arizona's new law merely codifies existing federal law that Obama and Bush ignored. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him ...

July 28, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter to the editor... Salem Camp

Dear Editor: Thank you for the many things you did to make the 182nd Salem Camp meeting a huge success.

July 28, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter to the editor... The deal with seatbelts

Dear Editor: I don't understand the law for seat belts. Once, people in trucks didn't have to wear seat belts but, now they do. How can people ride on the back of a truck and even stand up? What about people on motorcycles who have no seat belts?

July 28, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter to the editor - Newborn and Porterdale Play Smart with Railroad

Dear Editor: The city councils of Newborn and Porterdale have shown the kind of leadership and vision that the city council of Covington sadly rejected in a vote that the Covington News editorial board wisely opined as "taken for political reasons only." By entering into a non-binding agreement with the Norfolk Southern Railroad, Newborn and Porterdale will be able to continue exploring the potential purchase of the abandoned NS rail line through our county. With the support of the Newton County Trails-Path Foundation Inc., they hope to preserve an important transportation by-way through our beloved county.

July 23, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter to the editor - Remembering Coach Crowell

Dear Editor: I just wanted to express my sympathy to the family of Billy Crowell and to all his friends and loved ones in Newton County. B.C. was one of the very few mentors in my life, and his devotion to the kids of Porterdale (I am proud to count myself among that group) was unparalleled. Being tall for my age and having played "back alley" basketball every day of my life at the home court of Spencer and Quinton Boyd, Coach Crowell allowed me to start playing on the school team when I was in sixth grade. It ...

July 23, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter to the editor - Mike, Mack and Main Street

Dear Editor: The July 3rd band festival on the Square will go down as one of the high points of summer in Newton County, in my opinion. Well over 1,000 people packed the area and enjoyed a wide range of local music until well after dark. It was a free and family-oriented event, but also a community-building event that brought together all ages in a beautiful and safe setting in the heart of town. We were all just friends and neighbors drawn together by the pure enjoyment of good music that afternoon. Retailers and restaurants on the Square might ...

July 11, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Letters to the editor: Hats off to Porterdale

Dear Editor: I would like to express my thanks to the city of Porterdale for stepping up to the plate and providing Newton County with a great fireworks show.

July 07, 2010 | Dale Warren Covington | Letters

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