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Letter: Thank you for helping my child through a difficult time

Dear Ms. Greco,

August 13, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: Handicapped discrimination ruling against the BOC

Editor's note: This press release was provided to The Covington News Friday, Aug. 4 by Commissioner J.C. Henderson with an attached copy of ...

August 06, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: BOC learns about county’s real water needs

The Newton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) learned about our community's real water problems at a special called meeting Aug. 3. An engineering evaluation ...

August 06, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letters: Welcome back!

Dear Editor,

July 23, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: EMS controversy requires transparency

Dear Editor,

July 09, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters

Letter: Marcello Banes explains EMS situation

To the Citizens of Newton County:

July 07, 2017 | | Letters

Letter: Dear Covington: Here’s a little advice

I've lived in this city for almost 10 years now, and I'm still captivated by my decision to move from sunny southern California ...

June 25, 2017 | Staff Report | Letters


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Groups want city to reconsider diversity

Dear Editor: Councilwoman Hawnethia Williams' intentions regarding diversity were seriously misrepresented by fellow Covington City Council members during a recent planning retreat. According to her comments, the city needs a more diverse representation of its workforce. Any contracts awarded to companies doing work for the city also need to include provisions for a diverse workforce.

Let's be honest with ourselves, our community has aligned the word "diverse" with race and gender only, and the meaning covers much more. This issue has caused much debate, conflict and confusion. Our communities are run by the people and for the people…all ...

September 24, 2010 | Archie Shepherd Newton County Branch, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People | Letters

An urgent need for diversity training

To: Covington City Council: Ladies and gentlemen of the council, we are submitting this letter in response to an article published in the local newspaper and the subsequent blogs attacking the character of an elected official; not only by individuals with opposing views, but also members of the city council itself.

September 24, 2010 | The Newton County Minister’s Union | Letters

Covington In the spotlight

Dear Editor: Don't we all love the movie-making in Covington. It shines the spotlight on the square and some of our lovely, historic homes. The traffic spasms are tolerable because we have bragging rights. But I would caution our unquestioning acceptance of the financial benefit that the mover-makers claim for our city and its merchants. We get little or no additional revenue from power usage for their movie lights. They have two (and maybe more) huge generators to supply their power needs. As to our eating establishments, all their meals during filming hours are catered so the crew does ...

September 22, 2010 | Bob Furnad Covington | Letters

Avarice a community value

Dear Editor: As a progressive, I feel I must speak out in opposition to positions I have seen advanced in The Covington News lately. The progressive believes that people are more important than money. This explains the progressive attitude toward the wealthiest individuals in our country. It also explains the incredulity this writer finds in the claim that we have a Christian nation.

September 17, 2010 | Roy Evritt Covington | Letters

Covington’s ethics

Dear Editor: The Aug. 20 edition of The News carried two or the best letters I have read in a long time.

September 12, 2010 | Bobby Sigman Covington | Letters

Standards of conduct

Dear Editor: I would like to respond to a letter from Mr. Daryl Laird printed the Sept. 3 edition of The News. He expressed his displeasure with my letter of Aug. 20. Mr. Laird appears to have gone off on an emotional temper tantrum on topics not addressed in my letter. My letter did not address "banks caving in to special interest groups," "a police officer scheming to defraud a bank" and especially individuals "taking a risk."

My letter did address law enforcement and other city employees who might have severe financial problems as evidenced by their real property being ...

September 10, 2010 | Harry L. Long Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor - Don’t condemn the risk takers

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to a letter by Mr. Long in the Aug. 20 Covington News. I have read some of Mr. Long's past letters and usually just shake my head at his arrogance, but this time I felt compelled to respond. His knowledge and breakdown of the current economic situation involving local foreclosures was impressive, mind boggling to say the least. I am amazed that he is not on CNN or Fox providing commentary.

September 03, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Unfair to Obama

Dear Editor: You folks at the Covington newspaper are a piece of bad work. You waste no time at all giving your negative thoughts about President Obama. However, you fail to give the entire truth. For example, you decided to display a cartoon last week referencing what the majority of Americans feel about the president's approval rating - which showed they disapprove of his job performance. But what you did not say is that those same "majority" (75 percent) of Americans also feel it's unrealistic for the president to fix the country's problems in 18 months. You know ...

August 29, 2010 | Michael Williams Covington | Letters

Thank You, Community

Dear Editor: Several months ago the hospital had its annual fundraiser. All of the proceeds from ticket sales and auction items went toward the purchase of a piece of equipment for the neonatal unit of the hospital. We, along with R.L.'s Off the Square, offered a progressive evening for 24 guests, starting at our home and ending with a four-course dinner at the restaurant. Not only did Robert and Trish prepare the beautiful and delicious dinner, as a surprise they also included a musical duo who entertained us all through the evening. Chef and Trish took their day ...

August 27, 2010 | Irene and Billy Smith | Letters

Well Done, City Council

Dear Editor: Kudos to the City Council for two things. First, for being forward thinking enough to absorb credit card fees on payments made on utility accounts by customers with credit cards. The only way local governments will survive in this economy is to think like a business person. If you can get your money now without risk of a returned check and if you have to discount some to accomplish that, any normal private business would do it, and it happens every day. Thankfully, now we have two businessmen on the council who realize this. The city and county ...

August 27, 2010 | H. G. Dillard | Letters

Foreclosures and Public Figures

Dear Editor: I have been reading the Newton County legals in The Covington News since the early 1950s. Back then, the foreclosure advertisements might have one or two sheriff's sales of personal property on the square, and you probably only saw 12 to 14 real property foreclosures in a year. You more than likely knew the mortgagor, and you were certainly familiar with the addresses. I have just completed reading the 50 (again 50) pages of real property foreclosures for the month of August in The Covington News. For the first eight months of this year, the total of ...

August 19, 2010 | Harry L. Long Covington | Letters

City Lowers Ethical Standard

Dear Editor: Since 1962 the Covington City Charter has forbidden the mayor, members of the City Council and city employees from doing business with the city during their term of office or term of employment. This is a conflict-of-interest standard that protects the public from insider abuse of power and position and protects office-holders from the public perception of self-dealing. This week the City Council decided the standard was too high.

State law provides a lower legal threshold than does the city charter. It permits the sale of merchandise or property in amounts up to $200 per calendar quarter and ...

August 19, 2010 | Chris Jueschke Newton County resident | Letters

Public indecency

Dear Editor: In reading your article, there was no mention in the article about the woman driver of the tractor trailer getting a ticket for not keeping her eyes on the road. How can you take you eyes off the road long enough to pick up a cell phone and take the picture.

August 18, 2010 | Horace Gresham Covington | Letters

Letter to the editor - Responsibilities

Dear Editor: The Liquor By the Drink Aug. 6 editorial and cartoon are right on target.

August 15, 2010 | Staff Report | Letters

Making sense by-the-drink alcohol sales

Dear Editor: Over the past week I've pondered the alcohol by the drink situation, and read the letters to the editor. Let's get a few facts straight on the overall situation:

- Dinner restaurants, particularly chains, will only locate where they can sell liquor. They (Olive Garden, Chili's, etc.) will not even consider Newton County until alcohol by the glass is allowed.

August 13, 2010 | Bill Moore Covington | Letters

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