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Help yourself to better health

In Part 1 of a series for Connect Savannah readers that will focus on health literacy, Andrew examines both sides of the communication gap and ways to improve health care using the "currency" of health literacy.

September 10, 2014 | Andrew Pleasant | Health

Get ready - your life depends on it

September is National Preparedness Month and Sept. 16 is Get Ready Day. Ready for what, you might ask. I know I did. We do not live in California where earthquakes are frequent. We do not live in Arizona where wildfires ravage. We do not live near occurrences of landslides, tsnuamis or volcanoes. We don't live along the Gulf where hurricanes are a season.

September 10, 2014 | Hosanna Fletcher | Health

Happiness is a choice

ONE OF THE most popular songs to come along in the past year or so is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. The first line of lyrics says "It might seem crazy what I'm about to say... Because I'm Happy!" That's exactly how I feel.

August 12, 2014 | Kathy Kurazawa | Health

11 little-known facts about cancer

Despite the prevalence of cancer, some information about this potentially deadly disease is not widely known. The following are some facts about cancer that may surprise you.

August 12, 2014 | Staff Report | Health

Music makes patients feel Right at Home

Why should the music ever stop?

August 05, 2014 | Kayla Robins | Health

Dermatology Consultants in Covington makes new changes for 10-year birthday

Ten years ago Kim Gooden remembers a time when there was no full-service dermatology practice in Covington.

August 05, 2014 | Samantha Reardon | Health

What’s your relationship with food?

ARE YOU HUNGRY right now? Is it time for lunch or is it the middle of the afternoon? Are you feeling bored, stressed or eager to sit down at the table with your family? What do you plan to eat for dinner? Will you have to stop at the grocery store or go to a restaurant? When you really think about it, eating isn't as simple as it sounds.

August 05, 2014 | Jan McIntire | Health

Make your walk a workout

WALKING. We do it all the time. Most of us take walking for granted and don't think about it.

July 29, 2014 | Staff Report | Health

Keep skin healthy by knowing sunscreen facts

The best way to care for skin is to be smart about sun exposure. Too much unprotected exposure to the sun can cause a host of problems, from premature wrinkling to skin cancer.

July 29, 2014 | Staff Report | Health


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Holiday safety tip of the week

The holidays are a time when thieves and con artists are frequently on the prowl. Here are some tips from the Newton County Sheriff's Office to help keep your home, your car, your possessions, and your family safe.

December 06, 2009 | Mark Mitchell Executive Officer, NCSO | Health

East Metro Hosts Sat. H1N1 Clinic

East Metro Health District will host H1N1 vaccination clinics at two health department sites on Saturday, Nov. 21, for CDC priority groups from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Newton County Health Center in Covington.

November 19, 2009 | Staff Report | Health

Diabetes and Your Heart

November is National Diabetes Awareness month and the American Heart Association is focusing particularly on the relationship between heart disease and type two diabetes. Stroke and heart disease are the number 1 causes of death and disability among those with type two diabetes.

November 08, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

Simple steps to breathing easy

It's National Respiratory Care Week and Alex Belmont, Manager of the Cardiopulmonary Department at Newton Medical Center, says keeping lungs healthy as we get older requires some special attention.

October 25, 2009 | Staff Report | Health

Ask the Doc: FAQs about cybersex addictions

How do I know if I'm a cybersex addict? If you repeatedly spend more time on cybersex activities than you intended, continue despite significant negative consequences in your life (relationship strain, problems with work performance, your health, or behaviors that put you at risk for legal problems), and if you are obsessed or preoccupied with cybersex activities when you should be focused on other aspects of your life, you are likely a cybersex addict. Research informs that as a rule of thumb, cybersex addicts spend 11-12 hours a week on the internet, but often it is double or triple ...

October 16, 2009 | Peggy Nolen | Health

What you need to know about the H1N1 vaccine

What you need to know about the H1N1 vaccine

October 09, 2009 | Gabriel Khouli | Health

Ask the Doc: The power of music

Humans, it seems, are universally attracted to music. It soothes us when we are sad, energizes us in happier times and bonds us to others. According to Steven Pinker in his 1997 book "How the Mind Works," music is "auditory cheesecake," a sweet delicacy for the mind that evolved for more important functions. As a result of providence, however, music appears to offer a novel system of communication that is grounded in emotion rather than meaning. Studies have shown that music reliably conveys certain sentiments. What we feel when we hear a piece of music is pretty much the same ...

October 09, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

NMC opens new Wound Care Center

Newton Medical Center is pleased to announce the opening of a new center dedicated to the healing of patient wounds that do not respond to conventional treatment.

September 27, 2009 | Staff Report | Health

Secrets of mental fitness

Most of us know that if we don't exercise our muscles, they get flaccid and weak. What most of us don't fully know is that physical exercise also keeps our brain in better shape. Doing mental exercise is important, such as working crossword puzzles or Sudoku, but physical exercise is critical to vigorous mental health also.

September 27, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

The good thing about being bad

 Most of us are governed by our own set of rules and tend to behave in socially acceptable ways. But misbehaving, or acting in ways we'd normally think improper, can be good for our souls. Misbehavior can boost our mood, provide us with a sense of liberation, stimulate creativity or make for some great memories.

September 20, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

Remember in September

 The American Cancer Society estimates that 192,280 new cases of prostate cancer will occur in the United States during 2009. Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in American men, other than skin cancer. The only well-established risk factors for prostate cancer are age, race/ethnicity and family history of the disease.

September 18, 2009 | Staff Report | Health

Ask the Doc: Workplace survival in tough times

Fear is pretty common in our jobs these days, as downturns in the economy result in budget cuts, lay-offs and office closings. Many have lost jobs or had wages reduced. Anxieties abound as job security fades into the past.

For each of us, our personalities will influence how we respond to job insecurity. According to Judith Sills, Ph.D., in Psychology Today, "Worriers, for example, will likely be beside themselves: distracted, preoccupied and potentially provoked into more serious hopelessness or depression." They should resist the office rumor mill that will result in needless hours of anxious, dark speculation. Deniers may ...

August 26, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

Ask the Doc: Fiscal follies and how they apply to nutrition

"Irrationality is responsible for the economic mess we find ourselves in right now - irrationality plus greed, of course, and a substantial dose of ignorance," says Peter A. Ubel, professor of medicine and psychology at University Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dr. Ubel points out that around a third of Americans have difficulty with simple math and cannot calculate 10 percent of 1,000, much less complicated ideas like compounding of savings and adjustable rate mortgages.

Making matters worse is that most of us are optimistic and unrealistic. So we tend to believe that our incomes will rise quickly enough to keep up ...

August 07, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

Six tips to improve brain function

Did you know that the brain can change and reconfigure itself? Contrary to popular belief, the brain is actually quite malleable. It can restructure the function of different brain regions and can even grow new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis. Not all these new brain cells survive. In fact, most new brain cells die. Survival of new neurons depends on nutrients and connections with other brain cells that are thriving. This article reports on current research that suggests things we can do that will improve neurogenesis and the survival of new cells.

July 26, 2009 | Kirven Weekley | Health

NMC takes pains to treat patients

For someone living with chronic pain, the hope of relief is the first thing on their mind when they wake up and the last thing they think about when they go to sleep.

There is good news for the over 40 million Americans who are affected by chronic pain. The medical specialty of pain medicine is making giant strides with sophisticated new treatments. "I have been trained to treat pain with a focused multidisciplinary approach," said Dalton Hanowell, MD - interventional pain management specialist now on staff at Newton Medical Center.

July 22, 2009 | Staff Report | Health

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