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Confessions of a lunatic

OK, I confess I am fascinated by the moon; I love to observe and photograph its surface. I really became a fan in the '50s after seeing the movie "Destination Moon." As a youngster, I would climb a ladder to the top of the garage and sit on the roof and look at the moon, planets and stars.

April 19, 2009 | Jim Honeycutt | News Columnists

We dodged a bullet, again

During the first week of this month an unexpected asteroid came close to the Earth, passing five times closer than the Moon. This was not as close as a meteoroid FU162 in 2004 which passed as close as 4,000 miles and in 2008 when a small asteroid burned up in the Earth's atmosphere. Is anyone watching out for us?

March 14, 2009 | Jim Honeycutt | News Columnists

Happy International Year of Astronomy

It's a new year filled with hope and great expectations, and it has also been designated as the "International Year of Astronomy." This is supposed to be a year to educate the public and to celebrate astronomy that's something I have been doing most of my life.

Venus is the stunning object in the western sky after sunset. The planet will continue to move higher in the sky until Jan. 12, when it will be 47 degrees away from the Sun, as far away from the Sun as it can be. From that point on, the planet will ...

January 13, 2009 | Jim Honeycutt | News Columnists


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